The Theatre List 15/4 – Lead us not into convergence

It felt like another light week but I realised that was because of the few DC books I am buying these days. The Convergence experiment is over for me, but I will keep buying the main title to keep track of the main events. My nostalgia for old characters has officially waned because showing someone I used to love but not drawing or writing them in the way I used to adore them is not enough. I appreciate this may be the time to showcase new talent but I am surprised at how uninspired the work has been, I don’t mean to ridicule so much but I just cannot justify the money and time spent on Convergence. I was quite surprised at how I was quite unconvinced by Magento and Uncanny X-Men this week. I just could not buy into the old ghost haunting Magneto, especially one with no build and then to close the plot with a mercy killing? It is actually difficult to know what is going on but I don’t feel the arc held water. Uncanny X-Men was the classic uninteresting teenage girl bonding session, I outgrew this a long time ago. As a final note I was disappointed at the quite regular ending to Stray Bullets this past week, quite bland considering the crazy tangents this book has gone on.

Marvel Codes

Magneto #17 – FMCS7W09L20Z

Uncanny X-Men #33 – FMCVAIEDVBXF

Captain America & the Mighty Avengers #7 – FMCTC4DE7LRW


DIG054787_1Convergence #2

Let me get this straight, the only reason why I have recommended this book is because I was quite touched at Batman meeting Earth 2’s Batman, it is definitely a big event and was well handled.



Convergence - Suicide Squad (2015) 001-000Convergence: Suicide Squad #1

I knew there would be one book I could recommend from the side titles. The Suicide Squad is an interesting concept for an end of the world scenario and the art was quite lovely and authentically classic in appearance. I am quite interested to see how the battle ahead is going to play out.


DIG055779_1Loki #13 – FMC41YKJ1SZ2

I feel that Ewing has really nailed the Loki character transformations on the head. I adore how he is manipulating the differing personalities as facets of a single man. The choices being made do not always have to fit a type, and new ones can be created. It is quite clever and I am quite glad at the handing of Loki.



DIG055603_3Ms Marvel #14

Check out what I wrote for Aaron Meyer’s Honour Roll:



DIG055604_3Thor #7 – FMCTSW7ZKYKE

This issue was just brilliant and Dauterman really hones in on the Thor character with some beautiful art and impactful action sequences. As there are major clues towards who Thor really is, the final battle looms near and the end of the book is nigh. Just a fantastic run.


DIG056309_2RunLoveKill #1

It is rare to see a new title with so much panache and refinement in its art. The story is clearly one of incarceration and probably xenophobia. I can hear the mutterings of the Arab Israeli confrontation but we shall wait to see how well they handle it.



DIG056311_2Shutter #11

This book is a constant surprise because sometimes the story is a little to slow and bland but Del Duca’s art is so engrossing that it may justify the cover price alone. Every couple of issues the story evolves to give the book more meaning, this weeks’ does something similar and is was intriguing enough to definitely recommend it.



DIG056316_2The Fade Out #5

Once again the perfect combination of Brubaker/Phillips and Breitweiser produce and excellent book reflecting the seediness and corruption of Holywood in the middle of last century. It has inklings of Satellite Sam but without the sordidness but does play out similarly. The plot is difficult to follow at times and you have to keep checking who characters are to keep in touch but it remains enjoyable.


DIG056302_2Chrononauts #2

This issue was fun as out two main characters manipulate time travel for their own enjoyment and gain. The art is wonderful as it often is and Murphy is enjoying drawing different periods and the bromance that exists between Danny and Corbin. The colours are also beautiful.

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