Cover of the Week 29/4 – Daredevil #15 by Chris Samnee & Matt Wilson

Daredevil 015-000It is always a pleasure to take the opportunity to talk about Chris Samna’s art and this cover is a classic example of his sense of style and expression. Kirsten McDuffie has become a very prominent figure in Matt’s life and plays a very different type of romantic engagement. She isn’t a troubled woman or one trained to be an assassin or even one that was tortured to punish Daredevil. Kirsten is a tough, no nonsense, physically capable lawyer and has rarely needed rescuing by Matt. Her independence from Murdock is so refreshing and Samnee allows his art to deliver that message. Her pose is actually quite superhero-esque with the gavel as her weapon lifted high in the air. Her stance upon casenotes reminisces of the tasks she is “super” at and gives the impression of a heroic lawyer. What is even more obvious is how Matt is holding onto her leg which is a homage to the classic sci-fi movie posters where the damsel in distress clings onto her man. She has rapidly become integral to Murdock and he has completely fallen for her and is smiling away whilst holding her. So this cover is a twist on the classic hero comic covers but it is fantastic to see a female non hero character taking the limelight. It is worth mentioning that the graphic art style of Samnee brings the angled panels in the background which show close ups of Daredevil and his sonar eyesight. Matt Wilson utilises the purples and reds to mount the cover without suffocating the central piece. It develops into a lovely composition of style and novel substance, all to common with the fantastic creative team of Daredevil.

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