The Theatre List 29/4 – This is the end….

I have been blown away by the incredible works of graphic art this week, essentially because because everything seems to be coming to an end. All the books from Marvel Now together with some of the DC big books, all due to come back in some form or another, came to the ends of their arcs. It has seen some incredible endings but also the culmination of certain themes and relationships built over a long period of time. It has been a ridiculous amount of time since DC had this many books on this list. My main complaints about Convergence stand and the main title is still nothing overtly exciting or grand compared to what it has been built up to be. The secret to a great Convergence book tie in is the ability to maintain a separate story adjacent to the one about being powerless and stuck in a dome. That normally lends to a banal recurrent narrative about heroes not being heroes anymore, which is dull especially when some well loved characters are being used for nostalgia. I struggle to complain about the books I didn’t recommend but they were no worse than average and there is too much amazing stuff to talk about.

Marvel Codes

All New Captain America #6 – FMCTAL83N7BQ

Moon Knight #14 – FMC7DY66IUAW


DIG054819_1Convergence: Shazam #1

Just a wonderful book with the telling of a classic kind of Shazam book. The family are all involved and the bad guys suitably mischievous, but the final pages of Shazam having his powers returned were  just breathtaking. The art has that classic Americana feel to it with characters and their square jaws and dashing looks. It is really beautiful looking issue and the best I have seen so far in Convergence.



DIG054814_1Convergence: Booster Gold #1

The Booster character has always been a great one, with his nefarious motivations and propensity for trouble. This issue plays into that quite well, and is barely recognisable as a Convergence title. It also pays homage to a friendship I have long missed and adored for many a year.



DIG052616_2Justice League #40

The Anti-Monitor and Darkseid confrontation is a delicious one and this issue was such an impressive build up to that. Told through the eyes of Metron, there is a quite menacing and powerful feel to these characters. I worry it is too close to Convergence to give it the credibility it deserves because it is going to be exciting. Oh wait up…am I getting carried away!



DIG052613_2Batman #40

This was a fantastic end to this Snyder and Capullo incarnation of Batman and where it really succeeded was respecting the Joker and Batman relationship. The final cave scene was written so well and drawn so impressively that it really went beyond all expectations. I am pleased they finished on such a finale and the whole run has come together better than I could’ve imagined.



DIG052617_2Superman #40

It was good to see JrJr take the helm and write a Superman issue. He really took the time to explore the new Superman powers and build it around a story, with apt humour and impact. His art has always had some problems of late but it was still a joy to read from start to finish.



DIG055012_2The Multiversity #2

I was astounded by the complexity and detail of this comic. I have little idea what really happened but the idea of a Rubik’s cube is from a very long ago and is a great story telling tool. The new characters Morrison has introduced are so well described and I really would love to see more of Captain Carrot….no seriously!


DIG056393_2Secret Avengers #15 – FMC24YSPBU6R

Ales Kot has become one of the best in character defining plots and this final book takes those to fruition. Walsh has really impressed with the emotional impact of his art and Wilson is wonderful as always in his colouring, especially because he lightens the book from the heavy inking. I really have fallen for Fury and Coulson and surprisingly most of all, the apron wearing, baking and conniving M.O.D.O.K.



DIG056385_2Daredevil #15 – FMC4N3FF4FWS

Once again all seems to be lost and Matt has everything falling down around him, reminiscent of stories from his depression era. However this book is completing it’s arc before Secret Wars and he has to turn to help from someone we have not seen for a very long time. The final reveal was so exciting and unnerving that I wonder how it will be handled by Waid and Samnee, I am sure amazingly of course!



DIG056043_3Silver Surfer #11 – FMCCDUFNG6WL

This reminded me of Trillium in the way it was laid out, but you could potentially read the book in a giant loop again and again. It was quite clever in that as you went round the book, a different perspective was offered to the unfolding events. When you break the cycle it gives you a chance to finish the comic, but only you can decide when to do that.



DIG055961_3New Avengers #33 – FMCIV6SKS0VA

The Doom aspect of the storyline is fully explained and in characteristically crazy style! Hickman successfully describes how to create a religion and use it to save the multiverse, which is ambitious to say the least. He succeeds massively and the entire Avengers lines is coming to it’s conclusion with this, the end of New Avengers.



DIG056318_4Avengers #44 – FMC5LP2U6FH1

As above we see the incredible end to a story that begin so very long ago. Hickman has spent so much time with Tony and Steve that their confrontation always had to be big and this certainly was that. It was not just a big fight but so emotional and upsetting for the long term readers. I cannot believe it has finished.


DIG056889_2Wayward #7

This book has become an integral purchase for the indy scene because it is so creatively well put together. The balance of beautiful, almost mange-esque art combined with real Japanese folklore and a quite intense story makes for a great issue every single time. My only complaint is that I am always sad to turn that final page.



DIG056795_2Alex + Ada #14

Just when you thought it was comfortable and safe, Luna takes it all away and the final pages of this book are stomach churning and distressing. I never realised the key to the artwork was simple emotional reflection in a subtly repetitive way so that when there is a sudden turn of events, it comes as a complete surprise. I await the final issue with great upset.



DIG056814_2Outcast #8

The key to the demonic possession of this book is the slow muted feel to the city in which they inhabit, and the hideously dark art of Azaceta. The book has a very morbid feel at all times and it is so very visceral when you see acts of satanism but also the troubles of its characters.

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