The Theatre List 6/5 – It was the worst of times…

In stark contrast to last week, we had some Marvel books peter out as opposed to the grand finale. Hulk was setting itself up nicely but this issue just missed that spot. I liked the conversation with Jennifer and the self reflection of being the Hulk was interesting but it was not enough to recommend the book as a whole, especially because I was not moved by the final Betty conversation. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but there was something missing. Rocket Raccoon petered out quite disappointingly as he essentially read a book about his past, was upset and then went back to being himself and then getting arrested. Convergence continued in its mediocrity and there were few tie ins of note this week. Batman and Robin #2 was a reasonable book but the story and relationships between Bruce, Damian and Jason were too complex to cover so succinctly in two issues.There were also a couple of new issues that are worth making a note of but not quite making the spot. I quite enjoyed the premise of Arcadia but there were too many plot streams not converging to make it exciting, however there are some definite nice ideas regarding people that cannot die. The Cult of the Red King is a Baltimore title and was pretty decent but as soon as we got into some character exposition, the issue ended with an unexciting step of the adventure. I think both of these titles will be making this list very soon.

Marvel Codes


Spider-Gwen #4 – FMCZYKW7XQ9Y

Rocket Raccoon #11 – FMC2ARV4X117

the unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5 – FMCS0Q1FHC35


DIG054832_1Convergence: Superman #2

Dan Jurgens really wrote a fantastic Superman, complete with determination and kindness. His maturity and resolve were spot on and I have to admit, I loved seeing him and Lois together again. Rapmund drew fantastically classical heroes thought this issue with all the elegance they deserved.


DIG056746_1The Punisher #18 – FMCSF3M4Z214

I initially did not like this book but upon re-reading it made more sense to me. He defeated all the enemies placed before him but his past and the people he least expected, were the ones to threaten him in more devastatingly. The ending was sweet and essentially deserved with a lovely focus on his dog.



DIG056561_3Ant-Man #5 – FMCTC9YY13Q9

Even though the fighting was a little disappointing, the shrinking down to fight the white blood cells of the immune response was better handled. However the overall story of a father and his daughter was wonderfully handled and where he started the book, he ends it in a place no one expected. That is why this book needs to be read.



Secret Wars (2015-) 001-000Secret Wars #1 – FMCQ1JWQ18C8

What can I say? In the vein of Avengers and New Avengers, Hickman brings it all together and Esad draws the enormity of the climax in stupendous style. The pacing is what I find so impressive and no one utilised blank pages like Hickman in order to deliver the big conclusion. I am wary of crossovers but not of the man on control of this one.



DIG056745_2Spider-Woman #7 – FMC3WQMEQQT3

I have completely fallen for Jessica, especially her resolve to take a beating for the sake of subterfuge. Her undercover shenanigans lead her into very dangerous situations but they are very amusing to read. I just adore the double page spread by Rodriguez of her escaping incarceration at a rest stop.


DIG057520_2Rocket Girl #6

I am so pleased to see this book make a return mainly because I adore the pluckiness of Dayoung and her little petulant face. The plot is yet to really be elucidated but the art is wonderfully chaotic with suitably bright colouring. I am really interested to see where this book goes and the reasoning for the flashback into Dayoung’s past.



DIG057411_2Nailbiter #12

Finally we are getting to see inside the pysche of some of the Buckaroo serial killers and it has become quite fascinating. I am really enjoying seeing more of Nailbiter and the glimpses into his origin. This has piqued an interest in a massive way.



DIG057403_2Descender #3

I shall be reviewing this book later this week!




DIG057817_1Feathers #5

I have nothing but good words to say about this book, because despite it being a tale of acceptance and ostracisation, it is a story about an innocence lost. Corona has developed a sweet and innocent character inside a lurid town with the most wonderfully exuberant art. It is such a professional piece of comic art.



DIG057522_2The Wicked + The Divine #10

The last couple of issues have really driven the plot forward from long drawn out teenage introspection. The plot thickens with some gloriously iconic moments deliciously handled by McKelvie and Wilson. It is surprisingly how much devotion you have developed to some of the Gods in this book.

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