The Theatre List 20/5 – Battleworld Converges!

And so it begins…Battleworld, with multiple tie-ins and unique but classic realms in the Kingdom of Doom. It is an intriguing idea given each territory is under a single God, not a far stretch from a dome over worlds which is controlled by Brainiac. Where the concept holds more water, is that the territories in themselves have been given some freedom to develop their own plots under the umbrella of Doom. Convergence struggles in that there is a single plot point; every hero powerless for a year and having to fight. Some books have managed to bring an interesting interaction between two worlds, but on the whole they have struggled. Battleworld has given a larger scope of opportunity. However there are still only a couple of tie-ins that made the list because the others were not quite developed enough. I think the premise for Ultimate End is there but in classic Bendis style, there was to much banal group conversation and no real conclusions. Deadpool written by Bunn is not a Deadpool I can get behind, I much prefer Duggan’s interpretation and Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars was quite average. Spider-Verse was perfectly competent but the origins were fun but not really great as a whole comic. Planet Hulk has definitely a premise for Battleworld and I look forward to seeing more of it, but the set up with minimal Hulk involvement was disappointing. Oh well, it is the first week and I am expecting more, whereas I get the feeling most people have stopped talking about Convergence. There were other books out there though: Loki is heading towards it’s finale and I was hoping for it to continue its recent run of form but I think it is waiting for the big finish and stumbled with the addition of a new evil element. I have enjoyed reading Ninjak but it seems to leave me wanting more from a single issue, and as stylish as it is there is a character/plot detail missing. I am not sure about Satellite Sam anymore because it is reaching an end and the reveals are pretty big, but they seem to be less impressive as the convoluted plot has rendered them less exciting. However Chaikin’s art is amazing as always especially when it comes to erotica and perversion as always. Let us see what did make the list.

Marvel Codes

Loki: Agent of Asgard #14 – FMC26DHCP4S4

Avengers World #21 – FMCE8UASHC4Z

(SW) Planet Hulk #1 – FMCSJXE5U4ZY

(SW) Spider-Verse #1 – FMCST2J3JSN5


DIG054843_1Convergence: Swamp Thing #2 It is a joy to read Len Wein writing a Swamp Thing story and especially one that involves a vampire Batman. It may sound a little silly but the premise was well delivered and the story of Batman was quite tragic. Kelley Jones is brilliant with a classic vibe on the art, with respect to Swampy and Bats.


A-Force (2015-) 001-000A-Force #1 – FMCHGZAXC41Z Check out my review of the cover art together with my prejudgements: I did not even realise Marguerite Bennett or G. Willow Wilson were writing it until after I read it, and then wondered why I was so surprised it was good. The comic is brilliant because it takes a premise, builds an relationship and consequence around it making it a very intriguing story. Go read it….



DIG056397_2Uncanny X-Men #34 – FMCL5N4JMWS0 As much as I whine about Bendis’ whiny teenage stories, I enjoyed the confrontation between Dazzler and Mystique. In typically Uncanny style, Anka was brought in to deliver emotionally as he has done so throughout the series. I look forward to the oncoming finale.




DIG057730_2Daredevil #15.1 – FMC8JZW7LK4S This was a delightful flashback comic, focusing around his autobiography and what it means to be Matt Murdock. I really enjoyed the stories about defending the guilty and I was always going to be happy to see Karen again. I have to admit I was impressed with art and it is rare to see three artists combine together so thematically.



DIG057514_3Secret Wars: Battleworld #1 – FMCZFLEM1EI3 Given what I said about Spider-Verse above, this issue was of similar ilk but was significantly more entertaining. The Stephen Strange Punisher relationship was actually well written and the story was quite impressive. This also works for the multiple versions of M.O.D.O.K. and I just found the child version bloody hilarious.


MIND MGMT 033-001Mind MGMT #33 Check out my adorations of love at Aaron Meyer’s Honour Roll!



DIG058936_2Shutter #12 This issue was just spectacular in that there was some great reveals and some wonderful determination from our protagonist. The art and colouring were in depth, textured and characters gorgeous. This was a brilliant finale to the first arc and the epilogue was very exciting.




DIG058950_2Wytches #6 Check out my review later this week!





DIG058942_2The Fade Out #6 I seem to say the same thing again and again about this book because the creative combination will never let you down. The gorgeous blend of sixties style and sumptuous colouring makes for a very aesthetic comic. It can be little difficult to follow and somewhat confusing as to who the characters are, but bear with it because the story is great.

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