Cover of the Week 27/5 – Sandman: Overture #5 by Dave McKean & JH Williams III

Sandman Overture 05 01It is rare you find such an abstract piece of art on a comic shelf, but with J.H. Williams III at the helm, anything is possible. It is daring to break the boundaries that makes his work unlike any other, and together with Dave McKean this cover completely leaves you in awe. Amongst all of the psychedelic colours and pulsing shapes there are a couple of recognisable features, such as the cat of dreams and the planet Earth. This instantly leads you to a realm of fantasy that forgives any real story or construct and allows you to fully enjoy this work of art with freedom. As with all abstract art, it is what you take from it and how pleasing it is to your eyes. For me I take pleasure from the gorgeous arrays of colours and how well they converge and separate. There is a organic vibe to it all as I see the vessels and heart of the universe beating together and connecting everything. Towards the top there are darker tones that symbolise death and decay and the potential for an insidious threat. But I find solace with the cat looking over everything and all is right with the world again. It is unlikely we will ever know what the meaning is towards this page but it is reasonably easy to deride a story if you have read the comic itself. There is not right and wrong and as with a lot of art, it is about how it makes you feel, and this comic brings nothing but joy.

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