The Theatre List 3/6 – Spoilt for choice!

There were an overwhelming amount of books available this week to buy, hence why quite a few made this list. Secret Wars rolls on in impressive style but some of the tie-ins missed the mark. I was quite surprised with ASM: Renew your vows which was probably the intention, but was wholly unconvinced by the writing of the twist ending. This is not the first time I would have complained about Slott’s writing. The Battleworld short stories were adequate enough but not very exciting and I think you have to be a fan of Maestro to really appreciate Future Imperfect. Even though I did enjoy seeing Ruby Summers again, I wasn’t taken aback by the story. All New X-Men was quite uneventful really, meet new/old mutants, have a fight, stop and do some talking, everybody is friends again. It has become a little bit of a stereotypical young X-Men Bendis story. Green Lantern Renegade has some potential and is a reasonable set up for the new Hal Jordan. However I am pretty sure there is very little new to be gained from this issue except the final twist. Hal is exactly how we would expect but utilising his powers in more of a nefarious manner. The Wicked + The Divine really missed a step for me as they went to the cliche twist that I feel is only there for shock value. I am sure this’ll lead onto to some Luci reunion at some point, but with some solo guest artist issues ahead, I just was not happy with it. However there were plenty of books that I was very pleased with!

Marvel Codes

All New X-Men #41 – FMCFN2WTJU73

the unbeatable Squirrel Girl – FMC1WBCXBI5Y

Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #1 – FMCETKJZZLHV


DIG024618_2Justice League #41

What a fantastic issue this was indeed. Mister Miracle’s story was so exciting and well written that I just wanted more. This is classic John’s grandiose superhero writing and there was even a completely unexpected twist. Fabok was excellent in accompanying the heroism of the issue with excellent action and superb posing.



DIG056842_2Action Comics #41

This is what I wrote for the cover of the week post: I really enjoyed reading about a world without Clark Kent and how the community came to his aid. The retcon of non flight was also quite refreshing.



DIG059100_2Spider-Woman #8 – FMC5JXJKSM0B

Check out the Honour Roll with Aaron Meyers!




DIG058970_3Secret Wars #3 – FMCT57UVS5FH

Just wow! There was some incredible moments with Dr Doom and his introspection spoke volumes. There was an intense moment where he actually took off his mask, showing his face which is such a rare occurrence. The final pages linked this new world with the heroes from the ones we all love and remember.



DIG059098_2Master of Kung-Fu #2 – FMCKNU140PLR

What an exemplary Secret Wars tie in with characters we all know in roles we don’t. The art is well laid out and the historical pages are gorgeously classic. I do enjoy how well Talajic draws Shang-Chi and how incredible the Drunken Master technique is.



Years Of Future Past (2015-) 001-000Years of Future Past #1 – FMCU742GIKZR

Another brilliantly written comic by Marguerite Bennett who has clearly performed her research and taken the time to write her characters well. It is a classic mutant xenophobic story with the humans using subterfuge tactics to turn the public against them. Mike Norton’s art is quite classical looking and fits the bill nicely.



DIG058965_4Darth Vader #6 – FMCNCQGWAVJM

I read this a couple of times to see if I liked it. I just could not decide because the first half is somewhat standard but the second is quite intriguing. Having Vader realise he has a son is an exceptionally difficult to portray. Larroca is quite impressive in balancing flashbacks with the inherent vibrance of the force which is subtle but quite intelligent.



DIG058967_2Giant-Size Little Marvel AvX #1 – FMCK1D4ICF3C

Come on the puns Cyclops tries to make all the way through, are just so adorable. The competition between Avengers and X-Men has never been so intense when it comes to selling food from a street stall! Scottie Young’s art is beautiful and endearing as ever.



DIG059950_3Zero #17

Once again the intensity of the fungi and spider story is hard to swallow. But somehow Kot manages to bring it in and produce a stunning character resolution, using these creatures as a analogy for failure. Sammelin is very good at developing specific details in his characters such as scars, wrinkles and invading mushrooms!



DIG059924_2The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #6

Busiek and Dewey are phenomenal as they bring confrontation to the bison and other animals. The fighting was wonderful with some epic rain panels and some dazzling Bellaire colours. The betrayal and twists were needed to leave that nauseated feeling to end the arc. However you feel the work is well produced and stunningly gripping.



DIG059752_1Feathers #6

The joy of a child’s imagination and determination to do something honourable is the delight of this book. That theme is brilliantly expressed by Corona who has the cutesy childish expression down to a tee. I am very sad to see this book end but it was very fun and wonderful to read.



DIG059749_1Broken World #1

This issue was completely all set up for a post apocalyptic premise. The world will end from an asteroid and there has been a mass evacuation dependent upon who the government deems worthy. The art is clean and pretty, but quite intense when needing to be. The second issue to this book will be the key to it’s survival.

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