Cover of the Week 10/6 – 1602 Witch Hunter Angela #1 by Stephanie Hans

1602 Witch Hunter Angela 001-000I mean when do you get to see a cover like this one? Its breathtakingly elegant and grandiose, a little odd for a depiction of a witch hunter. It appeals to the classical warriors of ages gone by, that were revered and held in high regard as champions of a house. It is a painting you would see in an art gallery, a neoclassicism venture depicting humans as heroes. It is certainly a new way of displaying the heroes we all know and love, but from a style of the 1600’s. It is fantastic because it looks like a classical painting with its realistic features but in the sitting posture and the featureless expression. In modern times this would almost equate to a villain with an arrogant glare but not in those days. However her armour and weapons also are elegant and very creative which is also a feature of the warrior regalia of that era. Everybody loves the hero with their own customised armour but this is well adapted to the hallmarks of her actual outfit. I am pleased to say that she looks equally aggressive without having to bare her cleavage or midriff. The red hair just pouring out of her helmet is beautiful and bring a sense of pride to her femininity. Her characteristic ribbons are flailing around her as expected but do not seem out of place but appear as accessories to the grandeur of the painting. The colour of the painting is almost a little dulled and muted akin to the deep and serious tones of images of that time period. The cover is very representative of the comic too and is a an excellent representation of what to expect from this Secret Wars tie in. The more I look at this, the more I am engrossed in that glare and the fear that she would bring from across a battlefield.


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