The Theatre List 17/6 – So what does it for you?

I have been in turmoil this week regarding the recommendation of a few books. The real conundrum is whether the artwork is alone enough to push me to place a book on this list. I have always been of the opinion yes but it grows tiring when the story does not provide that spark week in, week out. This certainly happened with Black Widow and the ending was a little anti-climactic but it was decent enough and pretty. I rarely recommend Saga anymore and I feel harsh in this fact because I do enjoy Fiona Staple’s art, even though the shock panels still exist. The story really has become enjoyable and there are no characters or events that I like reading about. Descender was still an absolutely gorgeous book but had such little interest in the story so that misses the list too, and I am quite sad about that. Chrononauts was very much more of the same with lovely action filled art by Murphy but just a terribly indulgent teenage story. I enjoyed looking at it, but not reading it and cannot in good conscience recommend it to you. As much as it takes time for a story to develop or a book to become boring enough to dissatisfy, the art can take a while to acclimatise to. Gotham Academy had a solid start to the second art but I really missed Kerschl’s art. So much so that my interest waned, which is very unfair to Chen who has actually kept the tone and playfulness intact. I will continue to read it though. So that is enough of my rambling….lets check the books!

Marvel Codes

Secret Wars: 1602 Witch Hunter Angela #1 – FMCQKJDGHZ1W


DIG056852_2Batman #41

Now Gordon as Batman is not a bad concept, it has a few issues with it and I fail to see how this isn’t just a Robocop facsimile. The problem exists that it is hard to see Gordon as a fighter and I appreciate given his background, that this isn’t a far stretch of the imagination. However we know how hard Bruce trained to get to where he is and I don’t think a robotic outfit is enough to compensate for that. However the story and the art was great and I did enjoy the book.



DIG056862_2Batman Superman #21

Pak is on fire again as we see Kal struggling with his reduced powers and coming to terms with his struggle to find Batman. This was really well done and Gordon was written quite well with an angle on a friendship that we genuinely have not seen for a long time.



DIG056853_2Detective Comics #41

I was disappointed to find that Manapul/Buccellato were not on the art credits for this book but the story was fantastic and Blanco did them justice. I love that Bullock is back into the limelight and has a chance to really express his character and I find it fascinating that he of all people refuses to believe Bruce is gone.


Captain America and the Mighty Avengers (2014-) 009-000Captain America & Mighty Avengers #9 – FMC9KHIVYUSJ

Check what I wrote for Comicosity –




DIG059438_1Silver Surfer #12 – FMCJ86QK17PT

Just wonderful. Another classic Dr Who story where the world inhabited by the Galactus refugees is creating a haven so the people decide to stay on the planet. It is not just Dr Who, this illusion story is rife throughout all science fiction but it is particularly well done. I have no complaints about this book whatsoever!



DIG059296_3Secret Wars: Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps #1 – FMCPACCN1H76

I really did not enjoy the art of this book but the story was brilliant. The Carol Corps have been a huge bunch of fans that love Carol Danvers (technically I am one too) and it was amazing to see them manifested in this book. I adore how the briefs for these books work, it isn’t just a situational exposition but there are questions to be asked out there. Carol wants to know what exists outside of the realm, and that is where this book is taking an interesting angle and I look forward to reading more.



DIG059299_3Battleworld: Marvel Zombies #1 FMCK8QXBJ0J8

What a great book by Spurrier and Walker. It has the plot intrigue and firm characterisation that you would expect from Spurrier and the lovely and clean action you have seen from Walker. The story is zombie based and one of fear and desperation and I cannot wait to read more.



DIG059304_3Secret Wars: Weird World #1 – FMCW7TERKFJY

All you need to know is that Del Mundo is drawing a book that gives him free reign to be as creative and intense as he wishes, and with that you know the book is going to be amazing. Then you notice Aaron is writing it so there is an extra level of detail and direction that brings this book into the limelight. It is just crazy brilliance!


DIG060126_2Black Science #15

The is the penultimate issue of the giant first arc and it has become intense. With some great flashbacks and some tension teasing action, there is a wonderful assembly of character transitions and plot twists. Remender is on fire and when he is this good, there are few better out there than him. I fear for the final issue.



DIG060133_2Injection #2

I shall be reviewing this later this week!




DIG060135_1Nameless #4

I maintain that this comic is only good in alternate issues. Last week’s was just incomprehensible but this one was brilliantly written and kept you holding on until there was actually some plot explanations at the end. Burnham is brilliant and I have a penchant for his exaggerative expressive faces.


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