Cover of the Week 17/6 – Low #7 by Greg Tocchini


As always with Tocchini’s you almost have to squint your eyes to see the glory of his painting. He has a distracted style and the borders seem to fade into the backgrounds, or play part of the abstract aesthetic. This is where true enjoyment can be found because once you dedicate that time, then the reward is so worthwhile. At first glance the central figure seems to be a form of weaponised vehicle but it is actually a kind of creature. There is also someone perched upon the animal and as you notice the weapons in her arms, you see that similar people in the background. The blocky appearance give a futuristic computer game feel but this is the landscape in which these guards and their rides inhabit. It is almost metaphorical in nature as the depth perception is carried out by the side of the objects but there are very few other details. The squared off appearance continues into the foreground with a platform that reaches out towards us. This happens to be an aquamarine colour and is very distinctive to the reds above, it plays a lovely contrast. All that is near is green and all that is far is red, a very clever use of colouring. Looking back at our fierce looking lady, we notice how she looks sternly forward, almost ready for action. Given this is the beginning of a new arc, we are given no clues as to the story, or even if we have met this woman before. The air of mystery continues throughout the comic, demonstrating how clever and poignant this cover is to the rest of the book.

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