The Theatre List 17/6 – Bringing back the Underground!

I am a little disappointed with Marvel this week because they dropped the pace a little. Their finishing books such as Magneto and Bucky Barnes were a little off key and lose the aspects that once made them great. Otherwise the tie-ins were so so except for the Thors title, which was fantastic. DC were similar to a point, as I was not overtly impressed with Black Canary, but that was mainly an art issue but on the contrary Dr Fate and Robin were both decent opener. JLA was a reasonable book but it seems to be so stand alone that it doesn’t fit with current continuity, and I know thats a little ridiculous a statement but it is now standard that Superman’s identity is know. That is a big change completely ignored which is unacceptable. I like Hitch’s art but I don’t love it and sometimes his heroic images just don’t fit for me. So with those points in consideration, I struggle to recommend it.The world of indy books really shone with a mixture of great current runs and new starts.

Marvel Codes

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2 – FMC8LME7N6CN

Magneto #19 – FMC5BS69GFVJ

Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #9 – FMCC0V2BNIKG


wpid-2015-06-24-14.52.57.png.pngRobin: Son of Batman #1

It is interesting to see how Gleason manages with the art and writing of a comic, especially one he knows so well. The story was quite impressive, especially as Damian has been given time to atone for old sins. It fits suitably but works even better because the art is so pretty.



Dr. Fate (2015-) 001-000Dr Fate #1

This book had an excellent opener with a simple but effective tale of a boy reluctant to wear the crown. The writing was very decent for a modern youth but it was the artwork that made it great for me. The lighter more comedic style lends for a younger reader but it was appropriate for all.


wpid-2015-06-24-14.34.49.png.pngThors #1 – FMCRB5KCHE0A

Its incredible how well Aaron has transitioned this story from a Thor story to a detective tale so seamlessly. I really enjoy the classic cop clichés placed into Thor characters we all know and love, such as Beta Ray Bill as the tough as old boots partner. It is just great with suitably gritty art.




wpid-2015-06-24-14.45.26.png.pngSecret Wars: Old Man Logan #2 – FMCDSDIFS50H

This issue took a Bendis turn and became quite an indulgent and unimpressive story but Sorrentino’s art was incredible. His mode of storytelling with novel panel usage and black and white colour changes is effective as ever and made the book enjoyable to read.



wpid-2015-06-24-14.44.32.png.pngMs Marvel #16

Great to see Alphona back for this issue, especially because the end is nigh. However the art was lovely as Kamala breaks tradition again to find innovative and brave uses for her powers and the incursion arrives.


wpid-2015-06-24-14.53.49.png.pngAlex + Ada #15

So it is finally over. A lovely tale of love lost and found and though the time scale of the ending was rather rapid, you can appreciate its necessity to the plot. The letterbox panels were wonderful as we have now come to expect and that emotional deliverance was so saddening.




wpid-2015-06-24-14.58.09.png.pngSouthern Bastards #9

And we now move on…the sheriff of the town is now under scrutiny. It is done in classic SB style with a heart wrenching story about a man who has been corrupted by Boss. This is a new angle and one that adds further perspective of this horrid little town.



wpid-2015-06-24-15.08.56.png.pngThe October Faction #8

Check my review later this week!




wpid-2015-06-24-15.05.10.png.pngThe empty zone #1

Jason Shawn Alexander is just a gifted artist. His work is gutteral and visceral as you are drawn into the dreams and nightmares of our new antagonist. The sympathies you garner bring an impressive level of attachment for only the first issue.



DIG060476_2Low #7

This was a great opening issue to a new arc as we now chase the twin sister of the family. The community in which this book is now set has completely changed and I am amazed at how well he can write an opening issue with a new relationship and the torments hiding deep within.



wpid-4628648-34.jpgMind MGMT #34

Matt Kindt is very clever at the slow revelation game and this final battle is well under way. It is great to see how they all fight and how amazing Meru is. There is a twist at the end which just makes you desperate for more and just a little concerned.

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