Archie #1

Check out this interesting critique on the meanings of modernisation!

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Some buzzwords are easier to define than others. When Archie Comics announced back in December that they would be relauching Archie, the buzzword they chose was modern. As it turns out, modern doesn’t mean much.

While Archie #1 starts with Archie breaking the fourth wall, and ends with him promoting a hashtag, these are the same characters they’ve always been. Archie is still a nice guy, Betty is still the girl next door, and Jughead still just wants to help his best friends. The main characters will feel familiar to anyone who’s ever read an Archie comic. And that’s a problem. Because while Mark Waid has crafted an excellent Archie story, the chance to update Archie for a modern audience was wasted.

Archie Comics has spent much of the past five years talking about diversity, and characters in Archie #1 are very diverse. Fiona Staples along with colourists Andre Szymanowicz…

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