Cover of the Week 8/7 – Shutter #13 by Leila Del Duca

Shutter 013-000There is just something about Leila Del Duca. An elegance. A serenity. Amongst monsters, ghouls and ghastlies who not only look the part but actually still look quite pretty. This cover is a perfect example of this because quite deliberately Kate sits in a cafe sipping on what we assume is tea, whilst around her are creatures of all kinds of descriptions. I mean literally, there is a fish in a suit, but because the whole scene fits together beautifully you barely notice. Perhaps it is the innocence associated with the bright white of her shirt, the tablecloth, or the parasol that brings a false sense of calm and peacefulness. The image is centrally composed around Kate and the rest of the scene is darker and less significant. Because Kate Kristopher is relaxed, laid back and enjoying a soothing drink, it puts the reader into a sense of relaxation. Kate’s expression fits this picture too as she looks blankly at nothing in particular but looks quite content. Once you realise this, you can then pay particular attention to the surroundings and take delight at the nuttiness, there is even a crab playing the double bass. So relax, take your time and just take it all in!

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