The Theatre List 8/7 – Image winning Secret Wars!

It seemed like quite a slow week for some reason, with fewer books than normal out. Marvel rolled on regardless into Secret Wars and Battleworld and DC trundled along at a mediocre pace. Upon reading the second issue of ASM: Renew your vows I was a little more intrigued by the story but suddenly remembered the problems I always had with Slott: His terrible pacing and variable delivery. This was the sole reason I never read ASM and jumped onto Superior only to leave ASM again. There are times where he is fantastic at delivering the plot twists and changeups and sometimes where he flounders flat footed. The first two issues are very rushed but the idea is quite good, but my lack of belief in it prevents me from enjoying it. Having said that, it was an improvement on the opening issue. Otherwise 1872 was interesting but not quite there, have a read of Cameron Williams post @ I am profoundly uninterested in JLA and the book is too stand alone and classic hero story for it to warrant anymore attention. I can certainly appreciate that it may be worth reading for many but Hitch’s art does little for me since the rubble infestation of Age of Ultron. Finally I wanted to address Gordon as Batman because after only a couple of issues, I am bored of it. I remain convinced that I will remain unconvinced by the stories of Gordon in a giant robot trying to save Gotham. It is a cutesy idea but I cannot see it go anywhere of note except to bring back Bruce. There have been plenty of times Gotham has been without the caped crusader and survived but this seems a boring misstep. I really hope to be proved incorrect.

Marvel Codes

Star Wars Lando #1 – FMCXYEATF169

Secret Wars – Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #2 – FMC5QDAQSQYX

Secret Wars – 1872 #1 – FMCLDB2J43MP

Secret Wars – Age of Apocalypse #1 – NTM1RR0RGEKW


DIG060837_2Gotham Academy #8                                                                                                                                  Yes! Kerschl is back! I was so pleased to read this comic and as a one shot book it was quite lovely. It acted as a reminder of the previous arc and a sign of things to come, with all supporting characters at hand. This is the book that leads the way in DC’s rejuvenation and I cannot think of a better one.


DIG060702_2Secret Wars – Mrs Deadpool and the Howling Commandos #2 – NTMFREI6TIN6    Mrs Deadpool is brilliant. And her badass attitude is coming into play well when it comes to dealing with a dissenting group of ghouls. The writing is funny as ever and the ghost of Deadpool acts as a narrator, breaking the fourth wall as we have come to expect. The story is quite average but the interactions are what keeps this book on this list.

DIG060700_2Secret Wars – Master of Kung Fu #3 – FMCV2KLG1WKK

Talajic is once against fantastic in this issue as he not only shows historical stories in a streamlined opening page but gorgeous splash pages of battle sequences. The tournament is afoot in classic Iron Fist style and the drunken master is emphatic in giving a beating. In fact the majority of the issue is pure fighting and a joy to read and I look forward to the next.

DIG060695_3Secret Wars – Civil War #1 – NTM0YP7ZZ9BH

Check out what I wrote for Aaron Meyer’s Honour Roll!


DIG061334_2Black Science #16

Wow, just wow. What an incredible end to essentially the first season. As excited as I was about Low, I am even more eager to see where this goes. When Remender is good, he is really good and the turbulent personality changes are never so emotive than in this book.


Descender #5

I never imagined this book taking such an insidious turn with the rescue crew of Tim-21 really being pushed to their limits. As well as Nguyen draws the beautiful ethereal dreams, his take on the horrific is quite ugly as it should be.

DIG061357_2Injection #3

This was the standout issue of the series so far, which is saying a great deal considering how good the first two were. There were surprisingly long dialogues and story exposition with the stupendous art and colour composition. Each scene carries a different mood and I adore the surreality of the flashback sequences.

DIG061268_1Strange Fruit #1

This is a classic superhero origin story but instead of a white man landing in 80’s Kansas, a black man lands in 20’s Mississippi. The story features the usual racist overtones which is key to the book, especially when a black alien arrives and covers his loins with the Confederate flag. Above all else the realism of the art is testament to the impressive drawing skills of JG Jones.

Shutter 013-000Shutter #13

I wrote about the delights of Del Duca’s art in the Cover of the Week and testified at her ability to find beauty in the hideous. The comic is the beginning of a new arc set in glorious Venice and has its own inner city chase. The story is a little tough to follow but one day it’ll all make sense, I’m sure.

DIG061359_2Saga #30

This wraps up the whole of the second arc and has a decent finale. It could only really end in one way but the mandatory nauseating moment came from something quite unexpected. It is difficult to discuss without spoiling so i will end with this: The love may have slowly disappeared from this second season, but the sentiments still rise to the surface.

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