The Theatre List 22/7 – Winning the war in secret

The weeks seem to be becoming shorter and shorter comics wise. It really felt like an issue of Secret Wars was needed to drive some momentum forward. The tie books are decent enough but the focal storyline needs to drive them. There were three Marvel books that represented the current issues with the Secret Wars line. All New Hawkeye is not a tie in book at all, that is the problem. I have mentioned this before that the two concurrently running storylines are a mismatch of tone, story and art. They have yet to fit and it is quite frustrating as I am sure Lemire has something to say, but I am just not hearing it. Magneto actually had an ending befitting of the story Bunn has been trying to tell for a long time but as it is actually a Secret Wars tie in, it becomes anti-climactic.  This is a real shame as it really could have worked elsewhere but now the genuineness of the work has lost poignancy. Old Man Logan is one of those books that is completely lost in Battle World and is just nonsensical. It has yet to make up it’s mind if it wants to be a book about Old Man Logan being in his own patch or someone else’s. I think this is probably going to lead into him joining the 616 heroes and making his return post Secret Wars. Even Sorrentino’s mind boggling art is not enough to save this book. In other news, We Are Robin was quite banal with good artwork, Flash was just uninteresting and repetitive and Cyborg was a complete non event. All was not lost…at all!

Marvel Codes

All New Hawkeye #4 – FMCMVD3AR6M2

Magneto #20 – FMCYBZ5NP7Q8

Old Man Logan #3 – FMCKYTE3G083


Grayson (2014-) 010-000Grayson #10

Janin’s clean pencils produce a swift looking Grayson who is ever so slick in a fight. I love the espionage feel which is pitched perfectly with excellent fighting, suave locations and great outfits. The Lex twist is very interesting considering he “killed” Dick.


Uncanny X-Men (2013-) 035-000Uncanny X-Men #35 – FMCGCBVK3MMC

I feel like Bendis has stumbled onto an amazing script and used that instead of the teenage angst rhetoric he normally uses. This book was amazing. In one issue, BMB has summed up the whole mutant plight by using a cast of his own creation. Well paced, full of action and heartbreak. It reminds me of how he got to where he is today.

Weirdworld (2015-) 002-000Secret Wars: Warworld #2 – THM1FMYYD1MI

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Marvel-Zombies-002-(2015)-(Digital)-(Mephisto-Empire)-001Battleworld: Marvel Zombies #2 – FMCFALG3SVCI

This comic has set up a character, brought flashbacks of her origin in order to understand her responses to her current climate and then a twist in an already interesting patch world. What an issue and what amazing artwork by Walker!

Spider-Woman (2014-) 009-000Spider-Woman #9 – THMLMHIBUDQA

This is just a fun book and Jess is quite enjoying being the responsible one looking after idiots, including Ben Urich! It is a caper of energetic proportions and Rodriguez is really enjoying the violence scene, especially where Spider-Woman takes on dozens of shotguns.

The Punisher (2014-) 020-000The Punisher #20 – FMC44KZ4INPX

As much as I thought this issue had ended months ago, I was very pleased to read this issue. Gerads takes the viewpoint of the terrorists as we see Punisher destroy them. Frank Castle Storytelling like never before, well not in this run anyway. Exemplary work

E Is For Extinction (2015-) 002-000Secret Wars: E for Extinction #2 – FMCEPHJ76UV0

Burnham has taken on the ideas of Morrison from New X-Men and has found an artist who is just bonkers. The quirk he has added to the characters and the lighter colour tone makes this book look like no other. It is just crazy brilliant.

Loki - Agent of Asgard 016-000Loki: Agent of Asgard #16 – THMARXFFXJR2

It seems that alternate issues seem to make this list because Ewing takes the story to quite the theoretical plane. It just becomes too confusing at times but then suddenly it makes sense. One thing remains certain, Loki will always remain the trickster and that is what will help him to survive.


Wolf 001-000Wolf #1

Ales Kot releases yet another comic from his portfolio but this one may have been written whilst he was on this planet. It is good to see Matt Taylor on a comic with Kot again with a simplistic yet effective style with excellent shading styles. It goes a little supernatural towards the end, but let us see if Kot can keep this comic grounded.

MIND MGMT 035-001Mind MGMT #35

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