Cover of the Week 29/7 – Wayward #10 by Steve Cummings

Wayward 010-000Meet the queen of the dirt spiders. Well technically the spiders are Tsuchigumo and she is their mistress but the impact is still the same, she is scary! The Wayward covers all follow a similar pattern with one central character in a relaxed stance with the backdrop of the cover somewhat in the style of their respective powers. The cityscape here is one of the desolate night with a dim lighting, only from the electric billboards. The most terrifying aspects are the web covered buildings and curtains that reign down the facade. It is more nerve-wracking when you see that there are no actual spiders around, but you know they are there somewhere. The central character has a rather evil grin as she wields what appears to be sheets but they are probably some form of webs. Looking carefully you can see small spiders crawling upon them. Her kimono is very pretty and looks quite elegant but it appears soiled towards her legs. This is a purposeful design as her arms have similar brown patched and specks of dirt. This image must be reference to the dirt spiders in the book and the ancient myths of Japan. The colours are beautifully synchronous with the twilight scenery and created by Tamra Bonvillain. Cummings deliberates lures you in with an attractive image but then sends the shivers down your spine upon closer inspection: The pretty lady is a manifestations of dirt spiders and in one form or another, they are coming to get you.

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