The Theatre List 29/7 – Big two parting the seas for the new world

I wonder if it is the lack of regular hero books that makes it seem like a quiet week, but there definitely were fewer books to read. The only Marvel book that seems to be completely unaffected by Secret Wars is Daredevil, because it moves from strength to strength without a care for multiversal destruction. I only picked up a few Secret Wars tie ins including Deadpool, which is solid but doesn’t quite hit the same notes as the Duggan work and 1602: Witch Hunter which really becomes quite difficult to comprehend. I find it interesting that there were only eight DC books released of which five were annuals. I only read the Flash annual which was quite average as a standard gathering of powered villains tale. The independent scene was quite strong but I really want to discuss Sex Criminals in some detail. I have lost my enjoyment for this book and the advertising for a free penis sketch and a xxx cover by O’Malley is quite crass. This is quite indicative of the decline in quality of the title. The parts of this comic that are important have already been highlighted and reflected upon within the first arc; talking about sexuality and mental health openly. This book had a very serious element to it and balanced the joviality and ludicrous plot quite well but now as it progresses, it loses its way into a base defunct story relying on shock value sex imagery to keep it interesting. Perhaps this is what was so compelling to readers from the outset, but it was not for me and I am now sad that this will be the last issue I buy. Time to lighten this post up!

Marvel Codes

Deadfall’s Secret Secret Wars #3 -FMC38J2DYN9J


DIG060985_2Superman #42

I am actually quite enjoying this storyline as it is well written and surprisingly original. Having a vulnerable Superman is proving to be a great plot point, not only physically but mentally as Lois confronts him about his secrets. It seems JRJR is taking a shine to drawing regular people.


DIG061657_3Star Wars #7 – THMSJJNIZMWT

I very much enjoyed this Obi-Wan one shot and Luke looks back over his journal from Tatooine. The struggles and sheer discipline to not use the force powers is wonderfully rendered and the culmination of the story is sweet and edifying. Bianchi is perfect for this dark tale of testing morality.

DIG061661_1Black Widow #20 – THMTYKV4YZFK

As much as it feels Noto is inking more than he used to, I can appreciate it may be because we are entering the dark world of the red ledger. Natasha’s sins are laid bare as we cast judgement on the assassin she once was in order to forgive the person she is now trying to be. Finally the story I have been waiting for.

DIG061658_3Battleworld: Thors #2 – FMCJLD4FSARU

I immensely enjoyed this detective tale of people we are familiar with in circumstances we are not. The confrontation between young Thor and ultimate Thor was very entertaining and a great adjunct to the story.

DIG061662_1Daredevil #17 – THMRQF094QIL

This book has become a balancing act of its whole cast as all sides vie for supremacy. Apparently only Matt knows the best way through the maze but whether he is allowed to is another matter all together. Great story building with stunning suspense.


DIG062218_2Rasputin #7

I adore this comic more and more as the issues pass. This one was particularly impressive because it gave some excellent background exposition and explanation to Rasputin’s powers. I do like how they have completely changed well known political tragedies as we imagine a future with the mad monk.

DIG062205_2The Manhattan Projects #2

If you love the zany space opera that Hickman and Pitarra have created over the last few years, then every issue will entertain without disappointment. As we have moved away from Earth the cast is more alien in nature but equally as immoral and equally as jaded.

DIG062219_2Southern Bastards #10

As much as this book provides shock value and crescendoing human despicableness, it is in keeping with the characters it focuses upon. This one is particularly disgraceful and the two Jasons make no concessions in their storytelling, which is actually why it is such a fantastic book.

DIG062204_2Low #8

Remender has a gift in that he completely changes direction without losing momentum or intensity. As we now focus back on Stel, we meet new antagonists who are as horrid and disgraceful as those gone by. This narrative does not lend to a coherent story as such, but is great for world building and with art like Tocchini’s there is plenty to enjoy.

DIG062198_2Invisible Republic #5

Just incredible. Check my review later this week!


DIG062223_2Wayward #10

The ending to the second arc was a profound and exciting one. The duchess of dirt spiders is a fearsome character but not as much as the terrifying tale of how to become a mummified monk. I love the folk tales at the back of the comic that build the myth of the characters in the book. The art is clean and precise, with great verve and panache and colouring to heighten the action.

DIG062138_4Casanova: Acedia #3

The balance of Fraction’s fantasy character trying to recollect his past with the classic dreamlike art of Fabio and Gabriel is superbly pitched. It plays a lovely game of hide and seek with the most subtlest of reveals, enough to keep you happy but enticed for more.

(Just so you know there are certain books that dont make the list because my LCS did not have them on the shelves this week, these include Squarriors, Copperhead and Ninjak. I would love to be able to retrospectively add them but this would prove quite difficult!)

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