Cover of the Week 21/10 – Wolf #4 by Matt Taylor and Tom Muller

Wolf 004-000

Have you ever imagined pink sand to appear so ominous and terrifying? It is a bewitching effect as Taylor/Muller have produced a delectable combination of colours to depict a sinister desert scene. The pink and white speckled appearance of the sand is representative of the shade and changes in depth. This is demonstrated really spectacularly with the raised dune centrally that the gentleman in a raincoat and trilby walks along. The darker blue is also utilised for silhouettes as the man’s shadow is coveted by the L of the title of the book, which follows the perspective lines perfectly. With the mountain ridges in the foreground given texture through the use of pinks, navy blues and white we get the impression of how far there is to travel for the man who is being stalked by the woman with a shovel. She is very central to the cover and is the closest part of the image to us. Matt Taylor highlights the cuffs and creases of her trousers by having them coloured pink, giving further character to the navy blue silhouette. This cover has a clear message of inevitable terror and uses colour in an imaginative and very effective way.

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