The Theatre List 21/10 – The Inhumanity of the Inhumans

Every week I seem to have some contention with certain aspects of comics and this week was the turn of the Inhumans. I often post tweets deliberately naive to gauge the response of comic fans out there, but more so to appreciate the level of cynicism. The movie rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four have certainly caused a backlash to the comic books, especially seeing as F4 does not actually exist anymore. It makes me sad because the sovereignty of these characters is completely disrespected. X-Men has to continue because it is a massive franchise and so there will always be a lead book with a solid writer, it was Bendis before and Lemire will follow. What I have noticed is that the contrary to this also applies and now there are more Inhuman books imposed upon us than ever before. I will have to admit I have missed the glory cosmic days of this run but with the advent of the terrigen bomb, they are very much treated like the X-Men. The initial books post Infinity were spectacularly unimpressive and the current runs appear to be developing the reaction of humans to the Inhumans. I am slightly expecting this to be another mutant situation and I just don’t want to read this. I have the X-Men already for societal acceptance storylines and I really cannot handle more than one book about a set of people so poorly developed over the years. I will read the first arcs of these books and Uncanny Inhumans was not bad just not great. It is worth noting that Ellis has written a decent Karnak book with some lovely artwork, but the character exposition is not enough for me to recommend it on this list. I do expect it to be making an appearance in the coming months. Passionate rant over…

Marvel Codes

Uncanny Inhumans #1 – THMYBA3V5WFX

Karnak #1 – THMEB5Z4CCYR


Gotham-Academy-011-(2015)-(Digital-Empire)-001Gotham Academy #11

It seems that for two artists to co-habit a book they really need to have distinguishable plot points and having a flashback sequence that has a completely different aesthetic worked very well. Even though this issue had a guest appearance from Tim it was not forced but well written as we got ever so closer to the mystery of Olive’s mother.

Justice League (2011-) 045-000Justice League #45

For the first time in many a year I have little problem with the change to the Justice League’s heroes personality and powers. This is because Johns has written the Darkseid War well and the changes actually fit nicely in the continuity of the story and universe. Manapul was glorious on the artwork too.

Bizarro-005-(2015)-(Digital-Empire)-001Bizarro #5

Check out my startling-first-time-ever DC recommendation on The Honor Roll!



Weirdworld (2015-) 005-000Secret Wars: Weirdworld #5 – THM089WIH4EU

I believe this book is probably my favourite Secret Wars title of them all. It started, continued and ended in epic fashion. The band of heroes that come together at the end was heartwarming and inspiring. Even though it kinda gives away the ending of Secret Wars, I very much enjoyed it.

The Astonishing Ant-Man (2015-) 001-000The Astonishing Ant-Man #1 – THM8SH0QW7UK

Nick Spencer will not let you down. Ant-Men continues as strongly as it finished with a story about change but not for the sake of it. There is a classic twist at the end but the cast he has developed in the pre-SW run is continuing with gusto and it is well drawn.


298873._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Fade Out #10

I do sometimes wonder if I am reading the same issue again and again, because the mystery never resolves and I never feel I am understanding the clues. I think it would benefit from trade reading but it doesn’t matter because the writing, art and colouring are all of the highest quality.

298828._SX640_QL80_TTD_empty zone #5

I shall be reviewing this book very soon!


Wolf 004-000Wolf #4

Check out my entry for Cover of the Week as Kot really ramps up the plot and brings carnal sacrifice to end this arc in epic style.


298883._SX640_QL80_TTD_Tokyo Ghost #2

I am enjoying this book but I am yet to be convinced by the plot per se. It hasn’t meshed together so weak but the background with the social media infested humans is quite a compelling premise. The artwork is superb and the idyllic nature scenes are a sight to behold.

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