Cover of the Week 2/12 – Rocket Girl #7 by Amy Reeder

316726._SX640_QL80_TTD_It is rare that the same artist makes the best cover in two consecutive weeks but Amy Reeder provides two very different images for each of her books. I have always described DaYoung as a confident and defiant youth and she is drawn exactly as she is written. This image provides that same petulance with her staring at the reader, clearly unimpressed at what she is seeing. This is not just from her lack of expression but the way she nonchalantly balances on the gate, like a child refusing to behave. Where this cover is most interesting is that her friends are sitting on the steps to a residence, minding their own business and relaxing. The pink ghetto blaster, the half eaten hot dog and the shared soft drink are all icons of bored teenagers hanging about the streets. It is an image recognisable across the world, in whatever country you may be, of teenagers of all types. DaYoung typifies this behaviour but acts more defensive than her friends. The fashion styles of these youths is very much of the eighties which explains the lack of electronic gadgets and the fact one of them is actually reading a book. I do love the Grace Jones hairdo, the italian-esque vest and the classic short shorts. The colours are bright and engaging, fitting in well with the era depicted. It is the combination of a scandalous protagonist amongst a great scene of unenthused teens from the eighties, which gives this comic the plaudits it deserves.

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