The Theatre List 2/12 – Where for art thou Cyclops?

I still cannot believe new Marvel books are still coming out. There is an over saturation of the big franchises such as X-Men, Guardians and Avengers. Everyone has alternate teams and solo runs which are churned out to no great merit. I mean what the hell is the point of the Spidey book? Extraordinary X-Men continued this week combined with the launch of All New X-Men, with Uncanny and Old Man Logan on the way. It is a sneaky way to get Logan back into continuity and the younger X-Men Bendis brought back for no obvious reason. All New did little for me and feels very much like the classic school kid mutant books but they are clearly focusing on the self imposed exile of young Cyclops. This brings me to the unceremonious end of his older doppleganger in Secret Wars. This was upsetting because it was rapid remorseless end to a character that was interesting enough to cause a massive divide in the fandom. There have been some hints to a return but to be honest, unless there is some clarity for a direction with the X-Men from Marvel, there is little point. Totally awesome Hulk with Cho as the artist is clearly a more childish and horny kind of Hulk, which was irritating as Amadeus is quite the charming intellectual. Robin War started with no real excitement but I might perhaps find it difficult to accept that they maintain Tim was never really a Robin and went “straight to Red Robin”. The return of Damian is welcome and the Robin vigilante problem does need clearer direction, but I doubt we will see that soon. Though I quite enjoy reading Action Comics and Superman, I find no interesting aspects of the current storyline. Savage making an appearance does bring some excitement but I would have been very happy to see more of Superman the wrestling phenom.

Marvel Codes

Spidey #1 – THM24UH65IW9

The Totally Awesome Hulk #1 – THM4E07YIBD7

All New X-Men #1 – THMNAN3GGKNN

All New Inhumans #1 – THMQF53EPRUM

Red Wolf #1 – THMVCS96QTKP

Guardians of Infinity #1 – THMQ6EG53H83


311864._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Extraordinary X-Men #3 – THM3HLR7H5TI

I have a slither of nostalgia remaining for Logan and Jeanie, despite one being very young and the other quite old. It harks to days gone by and a love never reconciled. The actual story is making headway but is very much a team establishment arc. I do very much enjoy Ramos’ art and his elongated exaggerative figures are quite interesting caricatures.

311082._SX640_QL80_TTD_Daredevil #1 – THMU0AJL4IH8

I very much object to the changes in Daredevil mythology such as the diminished Foggy/Matt rapport, the change to a prosecution lawyer and a sidekick. Though that is the nostalgia talking and these changes may be iconic to this new run. However the artwork is beautiful and the colouring focusing on black red and white is sublime.

311092._SX640_QL80_TTD_Dr Strange #3 – THM524C2B88W

Once again the world of magic is incredibly rendered by Bachalo and I cannot imagine anyone else doing more justice to it. Aaron writes this book with candor and humour which fits well with no clear antagonist and the ongoing mystery. This is one of the new Marvel titles I am very much enjoying.

311859._SX640_QL80_TTD_All New All Different Avengers #2 – THM028GQDUG8

This is the key Avengers title with all the new affliations, though I forget which is the actual lead title. The cast is coming together in an average but entertaining way with some excellent dialogue from Stark, Miles and Kamala. Adam Kubert is great on the art and draws a beautiful Thor.

311894._SX640_QL80_TTD_Vision #2 – THM09CBHI7KI

Woah this book is incredibly dark and will be reviewed this week!


316646._SX640_QL80_TTD_East of West #22

Check out my Iconic Art Post coming soon! Check my entry for The Honor Roll in the meantime.


316631._SX640_QL80_TTD_Black Science #18

This book covers a back story in a very imaginative way with a sock puppet theatre! The dream sequence is very realistic and clearly fantasy at the same time, but the message is so very upsetting as we develop such sympathy for Grant. Scalera is incredible as expected, even though it is a very different environment to which we have come to expect.

312882._SX640_QL80_TTD_October Faction #11

I do adore this book, and it seems to be full of darkness with small coloured light arising from the centre of each panel illuminating the events. The family is well and truly breaking with secrets galore, slowly causing more and more disquiet. The horror and terror element is impressive from a writing and artistic perspective.

316726._SX640_QL80_TTD_Rocket Girl #7

Check my Cover of Week for a reflection on the artwork of this book. The story is equally as passionate and petulant and the consequence’s of time travel appear a little like they were taken from Back to the Future. In any case they are a very entertaining read.

316721._SX640_QL80_TTD_Revival #35

The conclusions to this book make it seem that the book is nearing it’s end. The sibling rivalry is finally being addressed as Martha and Em resolve their issues, they move onward in understanding the Reviver problem. The writing and artwork are synchronized as one, with a book continuing with crescendoing intensity.

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