Cover of the Week 9/12 – Spider-Gwen #3 by Robbi Rodriguez


The striking aspects of this cover are the impressive use of light and colour in a well structured composition. The luminous shades of aquamarine blue and pink sit aesthetically on a black background, as they emanate from a central focus. Perhaps the Brooklyn bridge with its strict lines deliberately contrasts with the blurred light spots. There is a brighter white that leads us north to a drawing of Spider-Gwen and it is noticeable that there is almost no inking borders on this page. It is a picture of shading colours, even the details on Gwen’s face are more reflected through colour without darker expression lines at all. Her firm glance is quite intimidating and becoming of a hero. A pregnant Spider-Woman stands in the middle of the image, a little out of place but she is coloured in red and yellow with the same level of detail you see on the bridge. You develop an idea that this is a night time scene with the low level of lights spreading outward below an overseeing protector of the city in Gwen. The whole image interacts with the pink lettering of the title, with some subtle use of colour co-ordination. It is a striking image and presents a strong impression of Gwen amongst the lights of the city she protects.

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