The Theatre List 9/12 – An overwhelming sense of apathy

This felt like quite a slow week with a mixed bag of strong and weak books, even in the creator owned scene. DC has full on dedicated themselves to Robin War which seems like a relatively straightforward premise with a natural conclusion. You cannot have a bunch of teens running around as vigilantes without any semblance of control or organisation. We have already seen Troy die in We Are Robin and the sheer amount of Robins there seems to be, is completely untenable. This is really a story about Damien and Dick and the others are mere bit parts marauding as a crossover. Grayson was certainly worth reading but I found the other parts and tie-ins a little tenous, even Gotham Academy did not seem like itself. The art was a nice fill in attempt but the story was quite average. Secret Wars carried on and it was fantastic, it always is, showing how the biggest complaints about that book are the time factors. Deadpool, Hawkeye Guardians and Uncanny Avengers were fine books but somewhat unremarkable. I do admit to struggling with Stegman’s art on Uncanny, it is confuses me and is a little too “bony”. Spider-Gwen really is not bad but the confusing universe jumping detracts from how much I enjoy the book, as it just harks back to the confusion of Secret Wars. And I have no idea who Kate Bishop is anymore. The rest of the independent scene was quiet because there are a few books that I have either just stopped reading or am not enjoying anymore. Trees is a good example of this as the more interesting characters have all disappeared leaving an uninteresting narrative. Ninjak lost me I am afraid and it seems to have lost direction and some focus. I still am not au fait with the Valiant universe so I have no idea how to approach the latest story arc.

Marvel Codes

The Uncanny Avengers #3 – THMC7QB9VB89

Hawkeye #2 – THMK67I14IMA

Deadpool #3 – THM1IWRCXLJ8


312628._SX640_QL80_TTD_Grayson #15

I was very pleased to find that Grayson maintained its high quality storytelling and art during a crossover period. There were some wonderfully distinct Robins and great dialogue regarding the meaning of the mantle. It challenged the legacy and was great to see different interpretations from those who bore that name.


314612._SX640_QL80_TTD_Black Knight #2 – THM0TB5YSDKD

I do wonder how this book will develop because the back story of our protagonist is very much key to his future involvement of the Avengers. Suffice to say it is interesting, well drawn and quite a compelling reading.

314592._SX640_QL80_TTD_Scarlet Witch #1 – THM6UVMK40Y2

Del Rey is astonishing on this issue and it is delightful to see a Wanda who is distorted in her own image, testament to her turmoil. This book will focus upon the arcane and will inevitably go down a much darker route than Stephen Strange.

309427._SX640_QL80_TTD_Secret Wars #8 – THMVLSFBTTHL

There were some epic moments in this book involving battles with Galactus and Thanos. The power has been fully unleashed and where it will go will be epic. I say that because this book has never let me down and the only complaints people make are the delays. I am guilty of this but Ribic’s art will always make a fool of me.

314657._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Ultimates #2 – THMBLUN2089T

Rocafort’s art is just beautiful and his texturing detail is testament to the emotions he presents. The Galactus origin story is amazing and it is always entertaining trying to understand how to defeat such a foe, but that is what The Ultimates are for.


318527._SX640_QL80_TTD_Snow Blind #1

There is a key to colouring snow that is difficult to capture. The off white shades of the people as they walk around the environment gives a specific aesthetic and when it is done well, it is stunning. This book does it perfectly and has a great story to boot, one where a disgruntled teen becomes an adult all to quickly and abruptly.

318681._SX640_QL80_TTD_Head Lopper #2

The art on this book just makes me smile in its simplicity and amusing depiction of violence. The witches head is just hilarious in her unforgivingness and petulance, despite being just a head. This is a very entertaining read.

318691._SX640_QL80_TTD_Montress #2

This book got me a little lost plot wise but seeing the witches in full actions as very impressive. The art is immaculate in its detail and glorious in its rich colouring, especially for the more opulent scenes. I look forward to seeing the direction this book takes.


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