The Theatre List 16/12 – Just the one but the absolute best

On the whole this previous week has been quite impressive with some fantastic books across the board, even more surprising is that there were more DC books than Marvel for a change. There a few misses this week and sometimes you think a certain book should always be recommended but there are issues where they are fillers or just a little shy of the mark that I just cant recommend. Mighty Thor was such an issue and unless you wish to see a lot of father son exposition with Loki or Thor being rescued from a pointless battle, then this will not be for you. Weirdworld was well drawn as you would expect but lacked any interesting story, except for a human character being lost in such a strange place. It will take a little time but it seemed to lack the charm of the original series. Within the independent scene we had the second issue of The Goddamned which has quite grotesque art, which is actually suitable to the story being told. However the story being told has just not become that interesting yet and it comes across as violence for violence sake. Finally I wanted to talk about The Wicked + The Divine which featured Brandon Graham as a guest artist. It was an issue about Sakhmet and was not very interesting. I cannot put my finger on whether Graham’s art just wasn’t a good fit for the story or whether the writing focused too heavily on present day interactions and not background exposition. Graham’s work is enjoyable in his own world where he can place immaculate levels of detail, but is less interesting in a different universe. Let us get on with the good books of the week!

Marvel Codes

The Mighty Thor #2 – THMWQQ2NVZN1

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3 – THMB67333J0Z

Weird world #1 – THMRV42BN00M


Justice League (2011-) 046-000Justice League #46

Check out my entry for Aaron Meyer’s Honor Roll


314489._SX640_QL80_TTD_We Are Robin #7

I have always found Di Giandomenico’s art a little ink heavy but this issue was fantastic. It was more because of the ingenious escape plan hatched between the Robins. But I did enjoy Tim and Jason try and put the beat down on one another, despite it being a ruse.


Ms. Marvel (2015-) 002-000Ms Marvel #2 – THM29WG9UU8S

Miyazawa has really shone on this book and is keeping up the high standard that Alphona set a while ago. Herring is responsible for the colouring and is essential in makes the book look like it did before. In any case Wilson is amazing at being able to take a simple story and make it compelling, and not just because of the lovely family story in the background.


320401._SX640_QL80_TTD_Wayward #12

This book was finally on track again and the story has made strides towards building the final battle. Whereas the first arc brought different characters together, this title is now building the group and sowing seeds of tension. The art and colouring are lovely and pleasurable to view.

319874._SX640_QL80_TTD_Descender #8

Ever since Tim-21’s brother Andy made his return the book has been exciting again. Andy’s background is slowly being revealed in the form of monochrome watercolours and they are delightful. The inevitable coming together will hopefully be impressive but it is the art that is the highlight of this title each and every time.

319889._SX640_QL80_TTD_Huck #2

This was a surprisingly good second issue and Huck pays no attention to the revelation of his powers. He continues to do good and it is refreshing to see. Albuquerque is wonderful at producing a loveable character as his artwork is so warm.

319894._SX640_QL80_TTD_Fuck Fairyland #3

As the story moves on, Scottie Young is attempting to make the story more interesting by introducing a bright and enthusiastic young girl. This actually was quite an amusing interaction with Gertrude but nowhere near as good as her little friend living a whole life whilst she remained knocked out!

319909._SX640_QL80_TTD_Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #5

I love how this book plays out with the characters from other books. David Kohl and Indie Dave are excellent throughout and the writing is very succinct but cutting. I cannot wait to see how Emily is rescued and mention must be made of Ted Brandt and Rosie Higgins doing the Shiny Black Taxi Cab story.

The Spire 05-000The Spire #5

Check my thoughts on the cover here. The comic is so wondrously drawn and Spurrier’s writing is tragically empathetic, especially when it comes to Sha’s past and faults. The story is slowly revealing itself and it makes for one exciting finale, especially as the little ugly fairies seem to play a more prominent role.

321539._SX640_QL80_TTD_Klaus #2

This was a brilliant issue as Mora can draw some epic hero sequences. As Klaus goes around the village handing out gifts, the guard struggle to contain him whilst the children open their presents. His line is clean and very expressive and Morrison keeps the story realistic and has not hit his estranged story points as of yet.

317671._SX640_QL80_TTD_Judge Dredd #1

Mega City One becomes Mega City Zero as the world we knew has been thrown back into prehistoric times. It is very compelling a scenario and Dredd finds some friends in his bid to return home. This is actually my first ever Dredd comic and I rather enjoyed it!

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