Cover of Week 23/12 – Chew #53 by Rob Guillory


Though the issue does feature some prehistoric environments, there is no excuse really for wanting to pay homage to the great cartoon that was The Flintstones! Chu and Savoy are reunited from way back when to become partners once again and are depicted as Fred and Barney. The rather crude automobile is powered by Mason’s legs and was always an amusing childish way of travelling. The details are impressively accurate from the design of the “car”, the outfits of the detective duo, and the landscapes behind them. It is a very pretty and colourful backdrop and the exploding volcano is a lovely touch. The car horn is actually a flying dinosaur, as Tony pulls on the tail to make it squark. The FDA scrawl on the “sunroof” of the car and the stone detective badges give evidence that they are actually on primeval FDA business. Above all else the facial expressions of the characters is the most amusing part of the cover. Mason has been wanting to reunite with Tony for a while now and has a giant grin on his face, whereas the more reluctant Chu is skeptical and almost scowling towards Savoy. This is a delightful cover and as with all homages, they succeed in depicting what we know to keep relevance in a homage that is exceptionally familiar or close to our hearts. Kudos to Mr Guillory.

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