The Theatre List 23/12 – The Dependables

I always read comics from the big two before heading towards the creator owned work and was quite disappointed at the onset. However as I progressed the independent scene began to fire on all cylinders and leading to a resurgence in quality. DKIII was one of the first books I picked up and was particularly bland, which was rarely an adjective used for the original Frank Miller work. The story made progress with little character exposition but the action scenes were well depicted by Kubert. The Wonder Woman comic insert was reasonable but Risso was particularly stiff when it comes to the action sequences. Daredevil is proving to be a rather average book and I can accept the change in continuity and the creators, but it really needs to push forward with some character work or intriguing storylines. Perhaps I lack interest in the pursuit of a religious charity status of a cult leader with ten fingers on each hand. Uncanny Avengers ended its arc without pertinence and just seems to miss the cardinal point of its story, saying that I have no idea what that would have been! Nick Spencer released two books this week and as pleased as I am that he is succeeding in escalating his profile, Ant-Man and Captain America were quite average. Both set-ups were great at the outset but the stories are not that interesting and both these issues felt more like filler. They were however perfectly competent books but without sufficient redeeming features to recommend. This description also fits for Chew this week which had a great premise: Tony and Mason in dinosaur times. However the story just didn’t progress enough in any real manner, and oddly lacked that iconic sense of humour. However, not to worry as there were plenty of great books to read!

Marvel Codes

Captain America #4 – THMQHM72ELAY

Astonishing Ant-Man #3 – THM38GST5AF3

Daredevil #2 – THMDUMKVJZC0

Deadpool #4 – THMZNZVKNPB5

Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! #1 – THMH0I2GS991


319283._SX640_QL80_TTD_Extraordinary X-Men #4 – THMAD7W64HTC

This book actually feels like a classic X-Men book and I rather enjoyed it. Sinister returns as the geneticist obsessed with curing the mutant terrigen mist conundrum whilst the other X-Men work together to reassert their stronghold in Limbo. The premise is stretched but the characters are interacting very nicely. Ramos is excellent on this issue.

319323._SX640_QL80_TTD_Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #2 – THMCE41RH337

I have no idea where this issue will progress to plot wise but the interaction between the young girl and dinosaur is just adorable. It is written quite sweetly and innocently but drawn with all the charm of the cutesy child with the exaggerative pet monster motif.

319333._SX640_QL80_TTD_Spider-Woman #2 – THMMRS248VTS

Jess is brilliant as the pregnant mother trying ever so hard to stay out of trouble. The intelligent plot features the pregnant mothers in the waiting room organising to take out the Skull soldiers taking them hostage. Rodriguez is fantastic on the art and is great for Spider-Woman’s physical expressiveness.


321599._SX640_QL80_TTD_Diesel #4

This book was fantastic in its delivery of the fantastical steampunk storyline of a warring nations with children as its cruel victims. Hesse’s art is glorious at depicting the petulance of its main character whilst maintaining her cuteness. The story is interesting and well structured for the end of the first arc.

321015._SX640_QL80_TTD_Pretty Deadly #7

I shall be reviewing this book very soon!


320985._SX640_QL80_TTD_Invisible Republic #8

That nausea starts to set in as you realise that McBride’s deception is slowly coming to light. It is quite unsettling especially as we travel with Maia to the cell of her incarceration. The story is exceptionally gritty with wonderfully lit and shaded artwork.

321010._SX640_QL80_TTD_Outcast #14

This is another book I must review soon because each issue is terrifying and gruesome. This one in particular saw the religious mentor of out main character completely change personality and take a turn for the worst. Azaceta is amazing at the lighting, especially on painstaking expressions.

320990._SX640_QL80_TTD_Island #5

I love the idea of this comic magazine and there is plenty to keep everyone occupied. The initial story by Sheenan and Ward is very unnerving as a chosen few are selected to undergo some form of transformation. This is followed by Farel Dalrymple who’s attention to detail and shading is so emphatic with the strangest stories in hand.

320980._SX640_QL80_TTD_Deadly Class #17

I maintain that this story need not be told and the book should’ve ended with the demise of Fuckface. Alas there is a school manhunt and who we thought were Marcus’ friends truly are not. This twist was not surprisingly or anything we cared about but the art was still wonderful with some great scenes of violence.

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