Cover of the Week 30/12 – All New Wolverine #3 by Bengal


There are a number of highlights to this incredible cover of Bengal’s. What immediately comes to mind is the composition of the piece and how Wolverine is actually quite a surprisingly small part of the overall picture. If you think about it carefully it is reflective of the perspective of the scene, as in she is the exact right size. He deliberately focuses on her and, in camera terms, keeps the aperture small in order to blur out the parts of the image furthest from the focal point. This is also an effective tool in scattering the bullets all over the image. The intensity of the confrontation is reflected by the sheer firepower on display in the form of bullet casings and the single rocket that has been launched from the tank in the background. This all builds to the sheer courage of Laura as she is mid motion, launching herself towards serious danger. Her pose is wonderfully aggressive and she will land ready to strike with her right hand. If you did not realise she had healing powers you would assume this is certain death. One final note worth making is the colouring of the page as it definitely has a blue green hue that combines the blue and yellow colours of her costume, the title and the green of the rival militia’s. It is beautifully put together piece of art and glorifies¬†the character of X-23, and now Wolverine.

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