The Theatre List 30/12 – A handful of delectables

Last week saw the inevitable slowed final week of the year where only a few books were released. For the most those were actually pretty good. The only comic I read that was disappointing was The Flash but that hasn’t changed for a long while. The story has become so lacklustre that Flash learning about the speed force means so little compared to similar stories of the past. Even Lazarus actually had a more interesting issue with an actual surprise twist but my own difficulties with that book still prevent me from recommending it, though if you like it generally you should buy issue #21. Rat Queens has taken a slower turn over the past few issues and the storylines have become less well structured. The aspect of it I loved the most was almost always the interaction between the four characters, but their separation has made the dialogue more lively. It is certainly worth continuing on with but I await where this character building will take us to. Onwards and upwards!


317031._SX640_QL80_TTD_Justice League  #47

It is incredible how the usual change to character canon can lead to moans and groans but in this case, makes for compelling reading. Utilising the Crime Syndicate to tackle the Anti-monitor has actually returned the story to their initial assault in Forever Evil. Now we combine in a well thought out and structured way with great artwork from Fabok.


321050._SX640_QL80_TTD_All New Wolverine #3 – THM5PN6S7XXU

It is my own personal problem that I dislike how X-23 has changed her persona and is in a relationship with Warren, but this issue saw less of that so I liked it! Actually the book is well written and the plot line featuring her clones is very intriguing. It lends towards excellent artwork, especially the subtle differences in Lauras.


308523._SX640_QL80_TTD_Exit Generation #4

I promoted this book in its infancy and I am so pleased to see how well it has progressed. It possess that sentimental twist on an alien invasion story with a central character trying to find his place. Kudos for Sam Read, Caio Oliveira, and Marissa Louise on this immense achievement.

321255._SX640_QL80_TTD_Black Magick #3

As I slowly fall in love with Scott’s artwork, especially the rendering of the facial appearances, you come to appreciate the nuances of the detective magic based conversations. It is a unique angle and is very enjoyable to read and I look forward to seeing Scott’s art become more diverse as the action heats.

321464._SX640_QL80_TTD_Morning Glories #49

It is almost surreal reading the penultimate issue of this book. It has been so long and I have become so lost over the years but finally the loose plot threads are slowly weaving together. I forget how good this book can be and how incredible Eisma’s art can be. It has gotten me excited about the finale coming very soon.

321260._SX640_QL80_TTD_East of West #23

On a similar note it is difficult sometimes to piece together chapters of comics that focus on a character that does not always interact with others in consecutive another few issues. That has been the problem with EoW but that doesn’t mean the stories were any less compelling, it means the book struggles to maintain its tempo. This was a great issue with brilliant Dragotta art on the origin of John, the crown prince. Hickman is well versed in providing modern day action spliced with character background exposition.

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