Cover of the Week 3/2 – Pretty Deadly #8 by Emma Rios


I’ve often described the creative combination of this comic to be one of pure perfection, in that their work is synchronised and speaks as if from a single mind. Emma’s covers are always grand and wonderfully composed with an underlying theme. This one is not only poignant but beautifully aesthetic. The sense of perspective is delicately balanced with the detailing. The leaves all appear to be singularly drawn and the central character and dog have the right amount of inking in order to keep the figures well characterised but not cluttered. Compare that too the mountain background and sky, where Rios provides a blend of reds, oranges and peach. As we follow the main characters gaze we observe the angry skies with grey clouds. Looking a little deeper you will notice the scene that is being played out: War. The purple colours dance around the fallen soldiers on a battleground and as subtle as it is, brings a solemnity to the page. These kinds of images are often in reverse where the sullen scene is looked down onto from above, but this page plays a great reversal on that. Whether the desert environment represents heaven, hell or purgatory remains to be seen, but there is a world away from the gritty and terrifying wartime and it entices us to explore where it actually is. Once again it is worth repeating that the title of this book has the most gorgeous design and fits on any page. Exemplary work once again from the ever so talented Emma Rios.

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