The Theatre List 3/2 – It is all about Emma Rios

Every week I sit here and discuss the comics of the week gone by and I find myself speaking more and more about Marvel. Perhaps its the recent shift change that has not been smooth but it’s a change in the right direction at least. The DC rebirth rumours are only met with apathy from me, if its done well it is done well. In reality I read so few DC books these days. The build does not interest me. Image are relying on their classic books that should have ended a while ago and there seems to be a lack of inventive new no.1s. But this week I was delighted to read two books in the creator owned market that impressed me. We will come to those later. So where next? Well back to Marvel. I struggle with the pacing of these books which prompted the tweet below, which I genuinely meant:

Captain Marvel is a solid book with a good writer and artist but this issue stalled because absolutely nothing happened. This has been commonplace amongst the first new arcs and it is tiring. Scarlett Witch suffers a similar problem but is disguised by having a new artist on every issue. It makes everything seem completely distinct but when you are telling a continuing story, it really falters. Spider-Man was released this week too. I found it hard to gauge the age of Miles and where his personality really lies. This is probably due to my own ignorance but we discussed it in detail on the Inter-Comics podcast which I implore you to listen to!

Marvel Codes

Captain America #6 – THMFV3F8G0WW

Scarlet Witch #3 – FCMQ3UXKZ2H0


00aDetective Comics #49

Though I complain about Bat Gordon, this comic is the only one that really grasps the concept and takes the character on properly. This is probably more so that Bullock provides and anchor for Gordon and his new role, but the story is decent with a very evil looking villain. This is what I have really wanted to read about the Batbunny.


329306._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Vision #4 – FCMFZFXL5PWT

Just when you wonder what is next for The Visions, Tom King brings a twist that shocks but not in grandiosity but in reality. To find out who filmed Virginia murdering Grim Reaper and have her confront them with consequences, was completely unexpected. Walta is wonderful as is this book.

329276._SX640_QL80_TTD_Dr Strange #5 – FCMDZ05151WH

Bachalo is clearly having fun with this book as his artwork is becoming more and more esoteric as the issues progress. The vines that come across all the panels and then become part of the story towards the end, is wonderful. Aaron is taking a straightforward story and really intertwining the ideas of magic into it. The concept that he cannot eat pizza is funny and clever!


334829._SX640_QL80_TTD_Pretty Deadly #8

This is the most ethereal book on the market and the concepts of reality and fantasy are completely fused. The World War II battlefield makes for a epic location for a more traditional battle but feels so natural. The gaseous warfare with blood red clouds allow the swordfight for one’s soul sit perfectly amongst soldiers shooting at one another.

334879._SX640_QL80_TTD_Velvet #13

I have said it before and Ill sat it again, this is a perfect creative combination and the book reads like a more action packed version of a John Le Carre novel. This issue is reaching the climax of the Man Who Stole The World arc and is making for some exciting times ahead, especially with the final speech bubble twist!


334789._SX640_QL80_TTD_Mirror #1

What an incredible book. The story is completely crazy and from a different world but has the base themes of utilising a lesser species for survival of one’s own. This leads to the ethical issues of persecution and abuse but told in a a way that is quite soft and warm. The lack ok inking brings false security as Lim paints beautiful images and unreal locations.

334839._SX640_QL80_TTD_Shutter #18

Await my awesome review this week! (I haven’t written it yet but i am excited to do so)



331530._SX640_QL80_TTD_Kennel Block Blues #1

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