Cover of the Week 10/2 – Old Man Logan #2 by Andrea Sorrentino


A chance to describe Andrea Sorrentino’s art is one that should always be grasped with vigor. Maiolo has been the colourist on this book and is instrumental to the message Sorrentino tries to convey. His work is so dynamic that the shift in colour change often represents an impact during a confrontation. This cover features none of those effects but is a page that incites power an domination of classic rivals. Many creators relish in a Hulk-Wolverine fight but as an old man, Logan is clearly not at his strongest and this cover established that. His crawling towards the viewer in the mud and his own blood is a painful message in itself. Sorrentino impressively depicts his wrinkles and beard detailing whilst expressing his pain. Interestingly enough you would naturally wonder what had happened but as soon as you look past the flash of the lightening strike, there appears the Hulk. The same amount of anatomical articulation seen with Logan exists with Amadeus as his physique is impressively coloured, shaded and doused with rain. Only his surfer style shorts make him distinct from the Banner we all know and love, but there has been some attempt to make him appear more Korean facially. But it is the composition of the piece that makes is stand out from the shelves, with the strong and fearsome Hulk standing behind a beaten and broken old man, with the lightening providing amazing visual effects with the light and water effects. There are no screams or cries, just pain and an intense realisation that this is a fight Logan may not get up from.

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