The Theatre List 10/2 – Accepting mediocrity in the ones you love

Well my prediction of how Batman was to return was completely incorrect. I mean it was impossible to guess that there would be a machine that would torture people into becoming Batman, supposedly there would always need for a caped crusader. Frankly it is a ludicrous concept, one that is far too aggrandising of the Batman mythology. It also implies that Bruce cannot ever be stable as a human being and be the Bat, removing all hope any of us may have had for his sanity. Even his girlfriend in the book seems to have accepted he is legitimately insane and their relationship is over. All very peculiar and in place to say that Batman is more important than anything else in Gotham. I also felt the comic sorely missed Capullo, not that Paquette was bad in any way but it did not feel like Snyder’s Batman. Moving onto the Avengers books I have decided that New and All New All Different are actually poor comic books. The former has really struggled to convey its characters and give us a reason to care about Wiccan. There was almost no point in showing the future Avengers at all as they provided nothing new to the current cast. You may argue that the love between Billy and Teddy as developed upon and that their splash page kiss was important but it was not novel. All New All Different is a weakly written team book with little time allowing for character exposition or development. Waid is revealing a story ever so slowing, but it is proving a poorly paced comic. The balance of old and new heroes is proving troublesome and the balance is weak. At least we have the Ultimates…

Another aspect of our fandom I wanted to briefly discuss, especially in regards to writing recommendations posts like this one, is the adored comic which puts out an average issue. A book may be well drawn and written but sometimes has very little happen to further the plot or develop themes. I felt this was the case for Injection, Black Science and Descender. Injection ended the story started last issue which was fascinating but it culminated rather tamely despite great art and colouring. Black Science was beautiful as always but I have complained this arc has nothing new or interesting to say. This particular issue was about overcoming another basic hurdle on the way to finding Grant’s family. Descender looked amazing but the story has not made any interesting strides for a while. With the reveal of Andy being the most integral part of the plot, there was been little more on that and this issue focused upon a rather uninteresting revelation of a hidden AI community. Onwards and upwards!

Marvel Codes

Weirdworld #3 – THMQ9R9N76EA

Deadpool #7 – FCMGK9UZ2Q6U

All New X-Men #4 – FCMK13AZJ11S


331710._SX640_QL80_TTD_Ms Marvel #4 – FCME3U1NVBF2

Despite a change in artist, the book maintains its exuberance and enthusiasm, partly because of the writing and partly because of Herring’s colouring. This “Day in the life of Kamala” issue has delightful teenage naiveté at its heart and its lovely.

331670._SX640_QL80_TTD_All New Wolverine #5 – FCMNVEBFJMV9

You really do not need guest stars to promote this comic because the story is fantastic and the writing is interesting enough. Especially with the deep seated bitterness of Laura’s clones, and Lopez/Navarrot is drawing a great looking Laura, sleek and expressive.

331715._SX640_QL80_TTD_Old Man Logan #2 – FCMC6V3EIDF2

Sorrentino and Maiolo are just wonderful when depicting the fight. One that is between Hulk and Wolverine has to be done well and has to be strong. This was not the only reason for this books recommendation, it was the fact that OML is struggling in his quest and that has to be the key part to this story arc.

331790._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Ultimates #4 – FCM1L6E6YQK3

It is such a joy to read Al Ewing at is best, because this book is a follow on from Mighty Avengers especially with the Brashear family and relationships. Plus the glory of Galactus as the life bringer is gorgeously drawn and coloured by Rocafort and Brown.


333675._SX640_QL80_TTD_Snow Blind #3

This book has taken me by surprise again because not only has the story taken further twists and turns but I have been impressed by the pacing. The whole witness relocation discovery has been dealt with and not we move further in the story thematically to understanding the sins of the father. It is well written and has beautiful watercolours from Tyler Jenkins.

338527._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Manhattan Projects: The Sun Beyond the Stars #4

I am pretty sure it has become well known that this series is ending, and if you read this issue then you will be certain of it. It is classically Hickman and Pitarra with succinct dialogue and big events, but the heart and warmth of Laika and Yuri emanated. The ending was quite sharp and in keeping with the ethos of MP.

338541._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Autumnlands #9

Dewey and Bellaire are very cohesive in conveying a classical and medieval feel to the book. The visit to a sheep town was very entertaining and tailored to the personality of the animals involved. Autumnlands is a very intelligent comic and one that plays in the classic folk tales but twisted into animal folk.

338525._SX640_QL80_TTD_Low #11

If you took the underlying themes of all Remender’s other books and separated them into one issue each, then you have Low. The pacing and separation of stories and characters is distinct to all his other books and Tocchini’s art is amazingly imaginative. Though blind religious devotion is a tough issue, Remender handles it in a coarse, unbalanced but effective way.

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