Cover of the Week 6/4 – Spider-Man #3 by Sara Pichelli


Amongst the heavyweight artists on covers this week which include Aja, Noto and Samnee, we have a beautiful and sweet page to spend time with. Given I am not a fan of guest stars and team ups, the sheer joy of friendship brings a smile to my face. Ignore the fact that the main feature of this page is a turn pipe, and spend time looking at our two young heroes studying as only they know how. With Miles sitting upside down reading, with his books hanging via a web, compared to Kamala sitting a little more comfortable with her laptop on the giant structure. It is the sentiment that they are both trying to find somewhere quiet to read and they find a place so out of reach to anyone with powers. The size and estrangeness of this location is represented by the environment behind and the comparative size of our heroes. The stretching of Ms Marvel’s arm to show something to Spider-Man is very cute and symbolic of their camaraderie. The colours are bright and the day is great with a lovely sky blue contrasting with the calm seas below. It is not often you see such love and positivity in a comic cover and that should always be highlighted.

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