The Theatre List 6/4 – #WicDiv! But not #WicDiv?

On the whole there were some thoroughly entertaining reads this week but also new books that failed to hit the mark. Spider-Women has a solid premise but Del Rey was probably not the best artist. Her ability is undeniable and her work on Scarlet Witch was amazing but for more traditional hero work, it looks unfocused. The proportions of Jess’ baby looks weird and sometimes the character’s eyes look far too big. These fit in a darker and more arcane story but for the bright lights of the multiverse, I think her talents are wasted. The Standoff storyline has been tumbling along and these tie-in issues are just not very focused on the plot. The events appears to be confined to the main titles and the tie ins appear to hone in on dialogue and deception. Case in point; Uncanny Avengers was particularly banal but a nice read. Spider-Man #3 was an interesting book, mainly because I have been pondering whether the latino Grandma tough love is based on a real stereotype. To be honest it because quite tiresome and boring, not even Kamala could save the issue. Poe Dameron was anticipated heavily because of the general love for Poe and the fact that Noto was on the book. The few Star Wars books I have read do not seem to focus heavily on the way of plot or even character exposition. This was very much the same and as much as it was Noto drawing beautiful scenes, there was not much to really be excited for. I finally wanted to mention Empress which has been heavily promoted by the Millar PR machinery, it was okay. The story was not interesting and the issue served as a set up to a story we have yet to have any idea about, except for a mother and children running from their father, the big boss man. Immonen has never been one of my favourites but I respect his skills and he was solid on this book. The plot and characters did not stand out and I guess the second issue will give us a better idea of where it is going.

Marvel Codes

Star Wars Poe Dameron #1 – FCMJK525TPRA


337633._SX640_QL80_TTD_Black Panther #1 – FCMEVZJ0U9GU

This comic lived up to expectations in that it was well thought out, well written and looks fantastic. It is obvious that research went into the city of Wakanda and the heritage of T’Challa as the city looked regal and the characters all played their part with dignity and honour. I cannot wait to read more.

353976._SX640_QL80_TTD_Old Man Logan #4 – FCMG6E9TAN0T

Finally the story resolves to the point which we all expected and have already seen in other X-books. It was nicely delivered from a writing perspective, with Logan tormented but equally hard headed. Sorrentino is simply elegant throughout in all aspects of this book, including landscapes, action and the final resting place of Wolverine.

354438._SX640_QL80_TTD_Scarlet Witch #5

Javier Pulido excelled on this issue with well delivered story and emotion without words. The silence of the underground cellar was echoed through the art and it became quite obvious what Wanda’s mission was. The change in artist every month does not work but some solo issues work very well.

353969._SX640_QL80_TTD_Deadpool #9 – FCMG2938C815

I am very pleased that the mercs have left this story, as entertaining as they were, they detracted from the Deadpool solo story. As we follow Wade in trying to uncover the fact he killed his own parents, there is a glorious fight scene between Sabretooth and Wilson. And the double page splash mid battle is hilarious.

353966._SX640_QL80_TTD_Black Widow #2 – FCMB3PQFPHU7

Watch out for my review later this week!


354456._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Vision #6 – FCMG8QWBN2V1

The finale to this arc is joyous with an amazing narrative twist. The roles of the family and its importance to daily life is becoming more apparent to The Vision and comes to the forefront at the end of this story. It was warming and full of heart, which is a beautiful sentiment given the AI nature of Virginia, Viv and Vin.


336510._SX640_QL80_TTD_Baltimore: Empty Graves #1

I have enjoyed the previous incarnations of this title and the world is slowly becoming more familiar, and more tragic! In actual fact the book is an ongoing and the arc name is the subtitle of the Baltimore comic. Bergting’s art and Stewart’s colour is wonderful and perfectly adept at showing the curse of the walking dead.

333210._SX640_QL80_TTD_Ninjak #14

This title lost its way a little with an elseworld’s story but Kindt has brought it back with a vengeance. The mystery of the comic returns in great style as Ninjak has been discovered and is now truly alone. Bernard is wonderfully clean and beautiful on the artwork, exactly what is needed in a great spy story.

345791._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Wicked + The Divine #18

Well this came outta nowhere. For a recent arc that featured biographies of the other Gods, the main story sat on the back burner. This issue moved forward faster than all the other issues gone by, almost too fast. Full of action and drama, McKelvie and Gillen know when to pull the trigger with their reveals and stand out moments.

345771._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Fix #1

For all those that were in love with Superior Foes, The Fix is easily recognisable. Instead of cavorting with the Sinister Six, we have two bent cops. The dialogue is entertainingly modern with some fantastic humour, but most poignantly the subtle self referential narrative. Lieber is slowly becoming a master at pictorial comedy, even if it does involve ejaculation.

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