The Theatre List 13/4 – The house that Tomasi built

Before I continue, I would like to promote the Inter-Comics podcast that I appeared on last week, discussing the comics of last week but also Batman V Superman!

As DC winds down, Marvel carries on regardless. Another batch of first issues, ongoing arcs and floundering titles. I have no idea what the point of Gwenpool is, quite clearly it is not an iteration of Gwen Stacy but Deadpool. It does remind of Harley somewhat in that it is quirky but not really that humourous. These hip hop variants do tend to torture me. A-Force ended quite weakly with no real rationale for the existence of the bad character expect to unite the team together. It is a shame because the Secret Wars story was really quite decent. All New All Different featured a sweet moment with Deadpool interacting with Kobik but otherwise remained a bit-part to the main story, which is only a couple issues in size. All New X-Men failed to capitalise on a great finale to their first arc and continued with a solo Beast adventure with Dr Strange. Given that my complaints were always that this book doesn’t devote enough time to one character, I am eager to see how these next few issues play out. I was sad to see that Silver Surfer has an uninspired story and quite dull circumstances, especially as an anniversary issue. Aside from that Archer and Armstrong seemed to lack that buddy connection that it did in the first issue. It read more as a straightforward story with solid art, just not enough for recommendation. Those were very quick snapshots at the books that struggled to make the list but there were plenty others!

Marvel Codes

All New X-Men #8 – FCM1RDI1URJ2

All New All Different Avengers #8 – FCM8NS8S9KGS

A-Force #4 – FCMVBB3P5DN9

The Unbelievable Gwenpool #1 – THMNMHMXVAM6


Superman (2011-) 051-000Superman #51

This was a very interesting and novel book post Rebirth revelations, not entirely unexpected given that Tomasi and Janin are the creators. Clark discovering he is dying has been done before but few artists depict the heroism and sheer iconic look of Clark as well as Janin. The story reads well and looks amazing.


C-3PO 001-000aC-3P0 #1

It is gimmicky to produce a Star Wars story about the loss of 3P0’s arm but Robinson does an impressive job of delivering it. It starts boring with some almost unreadable dialogue but ends with meaning and compassion. The art is not overtly aesthetic and is a little rough at times, but does justice to the tale.

358507._SX640_QL80_TTD_Moon Knight #1 – THM8F9A46SUV

Lemire is quite impressive with his single character stories once again with Moon Knight incarcerated and completely lost to the world. It is a natural angle to take given how he speaks to an ancient God, but Smallwood delivered quite wonderfully with a washed out palette accompanying the padded white rooms of a psychiatric institution.

358645._SX640_QL80_TTD_Weirdworld #5 – THMF9MX66QB9

The story may not be anything different from a regular fantasy journey in a strange place, but the art is so glorious that is looks completely unique. This remains to be the case and it is thoroughly enjoyable to read.

358620._SX640_QL80_TTD_Mockingbird #2 – FCMVHVPEBKM1

As we take each segment of the S.H.I.E.L.D. health checks, this first story of the Hellfire club is well told and looks great. Okay so the book features an S&M club and we meet the Queen but that is the tone of the book and it is joyously refreshing.


367984._SX640_QL80_TTD_House of Penance #1

This book has such great potential for horror and terror. The crazed widow building a giant house, with a penchant for hammers, provides a perfect premise for the unknown tales waiting to be revealed. Bertram is fantastic with his perfectly symmetrical detailed heads, and emotionless eyes. The suspense is terrifying.

353874._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Autumnlands #10

This comic could quite easily crossover with Manifest Destiny in its love for crazy mutated animals and imminent monstrous threats. The magical aspect is still holding the book together but seems to play less importance, as the adventure takes over the world building it once started. Still a decent read.

345886._SX640_QL80_TTD_Shutter #20

I adore how this book has returned to its subtle storytelling full of background exposition and present day teasing. The sibling hunt continues and the streamlined background story fits wonderfully with the classic Del Duca style.

368804._SX640_QL80_TTD_Pretty Deadly #9

There are few comics that really make you feel as if it was created by one mind. Emma, Kelly and Jordie have a voice that blends harsh reality and a spiritual netherworld that is so enjoyable to read. The art almost requires your own imagination and inflection and that is why it is so much fun to read.

345876._SX640_QL80_TTD_Monstress #5

Marjorie Liu sometimes struggles to develop a character whilst building a world. However the previous issues have built up to a story that hasn’t moved very much but means so much more than it once did. Couple that with Takeda’s incredibly beautiful art and you have a very impressive comic.

343472._SX640_QL80_TTD_Deadly Class #20

This comic will always be great because Wes Craig is constantly innovating and trying to show you new ideas. However the story plays on the constant themes of the book, such as friendship, love, loyalty and betrayal but the events of the book have all taken place before. Except with different characters that are no longer with us, and this repetitiveness reduces the quality of the book. But it is still very much worth your money.

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