Cover of the Week 20/4 – Divinity II by Jelena Kevin-Djurdjevic


The matt cover only enhances the glorious colours and shading of this cover. The central figure looks divine in her posture as she floats with grace. Her head aloft and her limbs held with poise and style. The central position and the large viewing window behind her serve to bring focus to the cosmonaut. The darkness around her not only brings out the isolation of space but contrasts with the colours of the page. The blue and gold colour palette complement her suit in a completely different way to the stars in the background. Compare the deliver shading providing such depth and texture on the spacesuit, to the blended highlights of the space phenomenon through the window. Her expression is one of calmness and peace, she is at ease and comfortable with her surrounds. It all fits together and befits the title of Divinity and this page only makes you want to see more of Jelena’s art. Divine.

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