The Theatre List 1/6 – The Rebirth of Civil War

So the big news was that Rebirth began properly last week and given the impact of the one shot, I was expecting all guns blazing. What we had were some solid opening foundations to Batman, Superman and Green Lantern. All three were well drawn and reasonable books but not what I would expect from no.1 issues, but of course they aren’t really that. Green Arrow was decent as it actually had a story with some lovely characterisation. I think now we have read the first few issues the expectations have changed, but the excitement is still there. Spider-Women Omega cemented my feelings on the Spider-Women in that I have a lot of love for Jess, small amount of time for Gwen but have no interest in Silk whatsoever. The story was reasonable enough but I only enjoyed the Spider-Woman issues. Old Man Logan is a character emotionally harking back to the roots of Wolverine. I have little interest in the Reavers and the family ties to his own universe are more creepy than anything else. He is angry and vengeful, which is what Logan always was until he changed. So as he is transplanted back into this universe he has taken up his previous position, and his appearance in All New Wolverine did nothing to stir up any emotion for me. Deadpool was really rather strange. The impetus of a crossover disappeared when all issues are released in one, especially when the artists are not the ones we would expect. The bigger problem was that Power Man and Iron Fist felt very shoe horned in and it was disappointing given how great that title is. But at least sequential issues of each title was not wasted. Alas let us move onto the books that brought more joy!

Marvel Codes

Moon Knight #3 – THM3ACVXF5UY

Spider-Women Omega #1 – THMXVIZ9J50E

All New Wolverine #9 – FCM7XZ1AYFKA

Old Man Logan #7 – FCM5K614YFT2

Deadpool #13 – FCMVTBUTE7RZ


366094._SX312_QL80_TTD_Green Arrow Rebirth #1

Like I was saying above, this was a great opening one shot with a very appropriate and enjoyable appearance from Dinah. The tao of Arrow was well reflected and it read very nicely. It is rare to see a beginning, middle and end to a single comic and is the shining example of how to do it for the Rebirth titles so far.

366099._SX312_QL80_TTD_Green Lantern Rebirth #1

The standard complaints above existed for this book but pure nostalgia makes me recommend it because to see Johns and Sciver together was a joy. It was a solid set up and it was interesting to view the dynamic between Baz and Jessica, its refreshing to say the least.


360491._SX312_QL80_TTD_Civil War II #1 – FCM3T6IHEKM7 & FCMS1EJ4VBFJ

Initially I was was thoroughly unenthused to see the Inhumans at the centre of this new crossover. As the book progressed it made more sense and the ideas behind the two factions diverged. Though I would argue that an enemy like Thanos requires more preparation than was given, and then perhaps the death could have been avoided. A weak plot, solid premise and artistically well executed.

360556._SX312_QL80_TTD_The Punisher #2 – FCMLK5W352M4

This title reminds me so much of Preacher because Frank and his enemies could easily make an appearance in that book. The violence and action are drawn so emphatically that Dillon should almost be drawing nothing else. The hideous twist was expected but sat with great discomfort.

360546._SX312_QL80_TTD_Spider-Woman #8 – THM9PQF1K9TM

This was a fun and exciting issue with Jess fighting Tiger Shark whilst leaving her child at home with a babysitter called Porcupine. The work is all Rodriguez who is thoroughly enjoying experimenting with panel play and movement, to great effect.


346076._SX312_QL80_TTD_Deadly Class #21

I have complained about this book recently because it has rehashed old themes with less vigour, but this issue was a punch to the gut which I am still reeling from. Here is what I wrote about the wonder that is Wes Craig:

349075._SX312_QL80_TTD_Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses #15

This issue was just magnificent. To see the aftermath of the strip joint heist with such violence and excitement was completely unexpected. The interesting aspects of this book are the investments that have insidiously developed from the beginning of the arc, coming to fruition.

378397._SX640_QL80_TTD_Baltimore: Empty Graves #3

Similar to above in that the characters have had issues focused on their history so they all now have more meaning to their actions. Mix that with quite interesting villains, i.e. an old tree possessing villagers and the mother of the Blood Red Witch, and you have a fantastic comic.

346011._SX312_QL80_TTD_Nowhere Men #10

And suddenly we are back with a bang. The previous issues have been slow and focused on individuals but now it has centred on the initial plot, which started literally years ago. Dave Taylor and Jordie Bellaire have brought back the feel of Nowhere Men despite the loss of Bellegarde and its great to read again.

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  1. Green Arrow Rebirth #1 has been one of my favourite issue so far from DC’s Rebirth. I haven’t read a Green Arrow book for years, but was really impressed with it.

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