Cover of the Week 8/6 – The Wicked + The Divine # 20 by Jamie McKelvie & Matt Wilson


I have often described this creative combination as pure perfection of the craft. Jamie McKelvie has produced beautiful themed covers for every issues. Where before it was a headshots of each God moving onto full bodies, now there are trimmed posters of the God’s at the height of their power, dancing. This issue sees the Norns (Urdr, Sklud, Verdandi), a triplet of divine beings influencing destiny, who were formerly the journalist Cassandra and her camera crew. Jamie’s art is very swift and purposeful and is incredible at expression with almost a single pencil stroke. Cassandra looks forward intensely but almost through you, as her pupils are devoid of colour. Her hands are positioned mid movement as she dances, with her fingers as an extension of her rhythm. Her adjoining deities are seen in similar poses with glares in other directions in front and behind her. The image is deliberately that of a short focal length of a camera, where the central image is in focus, and the rest blurred. It brings intensity to Urdr as well as a stylish effect. It is important to note the colouring as the Norns are very black and white but there exists a golden stream through their dancing. It twists and intertwines amongst bodies and hands giving a history of their dance moves, and is similarly focused. Overall it produces a glorious complement of colour and completes the dance floor aesthetic. It is sweet, it is beautiful and most of all simple.

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