The Theatre List 8/6 – Little to Marvel over

All in all you have to admit it was a pretty good week, perhaps not in terms of comics but there was a lot to discuss. I guess it was mainly focused around Rebirth, again! This was discussed at length here at the Inter-Comics podcast:

In other news, there were few books that I purchased that I failed to enjoy. I was upset that Weavers did not live up to the opening issue but it had little excitement leading on from a great opener. And I understood it all the way through which is rarity for a Spurrier book! I noted that I only purchased a couple of Marvel titles, which was quite strange. The Avengers titles have fallen by the wayside and I only buy the odd couple. They are probably still pretty solid such as New Avengers this week but there was not enough for it to be a title that must be read. Otherwise my Marvel game is on the downlow. Empress continued in the same manner with a phoned in story with very average writing, but the art is nice to look at. The Civil War tie-ins are doing little for the main title, but we shall see where it goes. And there you are…


366114._SX312_QL80_TTD_Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1

Check my review!

366089._SX312_QL80_TTD_Flash Rebirth #1

There are two reasons why I enjoyed this, the first is the opening half of the book with was interesting in see Barry have flashbacks. Its falls apart as the second is all rehash of Rebirth from Barry’s side. The art by Di Giandomenico was so much better than his work before and I really enjoyed him drawing speed.


360661._SX312_QL80_TTD_The Vision #8 – FCMXVB29QVMS

It was superb to see Walta back on this book and the next arc begins with a bang. It was strange to see a friend of Vision’s become so accustomed to the family, even weirder seeing them dine at a restaurant without actually eating anything. It reminds us they are non-human and that stops them from fully integrating without notice.

360576._SX312_QL80_TTD_All New X-Men #10 – FCMIQB5CZKLP

This book took me a little by surprise even though Hopeless is great at solo youth stories. See Evan go back to meet himself when he was younger was very eye opening. It plays on the classic good guy turning bad trope but was impressively fresh! At least there is one book that is trying to do a decent Apocalypse story.

Daredevil (2015-) 008-000Daredevil #8

This is the first Soule issue I have enjoyed since it started all because it has a novel concept. Matt playing poker and having no idea what cards he holds. It is a game of bluff and he uses his super senses to outwit his opponents. It is very well written and the art, with it’s triple colour palette, is great for a casino environment.


365717._SX312_QL80_TTD_The Fix #3

This was certainly an impressive issue as it detracted from the usual story to a side plot on youth celebrity torment. There would be a number of possible guesses to which actress the story it built around, but its tragedy deliverance is a quality as it’s gritty real life drama. Just wonderful work and great art from Lieber.

365807._SX312_QL80_TTD_Shutter #22

It is akin to the Red Wedding episode of Game of Thrones, when out of the blue something so catastrophic happens that you have no idea what to do with yourself. Keatinge plays a slow game except when he doesn’t, and this season finale leaves you weeping with no reprise for months. How very cruel.

349200._SX312_QL80_TTD_Injection #10

Having a few slow issues has led to a wonderfully metaphorical and existential finale to the second arc. It is hard to truly understand what Injection is except it is a sentient life form. However the team are ready the Breaker is in his yard.

387922._SX640_QL80_TTD_Invisible Republic #10

It has been a while since we saw an issue of this title and it makes a welcome return. It still plays the dual timeline story and Hardman writes an exceptionally good political tale. The battle of corruption versus martyring journalists is a tough one to create in a comic, but all creators perform fantastically.

365852._SX312_QL80_TTD_The Wicked + The Divine #20

The explanation comes! You almost didnt even need to know how Laura survived but it was a good tale. The backstory is amazing coloured by Matt Wilson and is very distinct in the story and timing in relation to the whole plot. It is finally time to cheer for the good Gods!

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