Kickstarting Red Range by Sam Glanzman and Joe R. Lansdale!

I have supported a few Kickstarters over the years, some more worthwhile than others, bur Drew Ford reached out to me because I once professed my love for Sam Glanzman. You see, Drew also has passion for his art, so much so that he has dedicated a proportion of his life bringing his work to the world. This is his Kickstarter project and this is Red Range.


It is an interesting Kickstarter to support because the resources and man hours needed to complete the project are considerable. I admire Drew’s work ethic and also his back catalogue of collected editions. Of particular note are the USS Stevens titles which featured within a Joe Kubert presents DC title a few years ago. I was very moved by the stunning detail and effort made to bring the devastation of war amongst the trivialities of life on a ship. I reviewed the work here:

Drew had collected a lot of these stories and created the hardcover collection A Sailor’s Story. He clearly has been inspired in a similar way to myself, but took it to a grander level. Now he has his own publishing imprint and “It’s Alive” could use your help.


I am unable to give you more information about Red Range listed on the Kickstarter page itself. But what I can tell you is that the subject matter is clearly important and is as relevant as ever. Drew Ford has an eye for beauty and an excellent recordĀ of producing glorious collected edition. Above all else, Sam Glanzman is a wonderful storytelling in the way he collates and moves a page but also expressing the pain and tension of the time. I wholeheartedly support Drew in this project because I think Sam’s art should live forever. I hope you do the same.

Welcome to Red Range:

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