Cover of the Week 29/6 – Mockingbird #4 by Joëlle Jones & Rachelle Rosenberg


There is so much to enjoy with this cover but instantly the colours of deep purple and blue bring a comfort and the feeling of being underwater. It is a strange kind of emotion as it make you wonder how well Bobbi and Clint are holding their breath. The blue fading into light and the purple fading into darkness gives a wonderful impression of depth. The central image itself is almost straight from a James Bond promotional poster but Mockingbird takes centre stage. Jones is delectable at the sultry and alluring female pose as Bobbi is perched to one side and drops her left shoulder. It is an excellent example of how to bring sex appeal without an overt reliance on breasts and bottoms, even though she is showing a great deal of leg. The facial expression are sublime in the arrogance glance of Hawkeye and the pouting of Mockingbird’s lips. What I really admire is how she is the main character attracting all the attention and Clint is very much in the background. Bring in the coral throne and you have wonders of the ocean to marvel at. Its a beautiful twist on many a classic spy image with such wonderful colour.

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