Cover of the Week 6/7 – Han Solo #2 by Lee Bermejo


Lee Bermejo is amazingly adept at texture and realism with his uniquely shaded work. There are almost no black definition lines as the colours take their place and define the people and clothing. The couch which Han sits upon is really detailed, and notice the upholstering in the corners that has creases but also the reflections of pink from the light above. Moving towards Solo there are similar effects at hand with his boots and his shirt and waistcoat. The whole image has swagger and arrogance fitting in with the classic Star Wars scene we all know and love. Greedo lies flat on the table, and it is fantastic his clothing and the details of his head are well researched. Once again natural light is absent but it is the artificial lighting of that dingy bar that brings the image to life. For any fan of the franchise, this comic conjures up the classic question of “Who shot first?” but of course we all know the answer to that. It is the instant recognisability of that moment that Bermejo captures so perfectly in personality and tone. What better moment is there to set off the beginning of a solo title of a man bearing that name?

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