The Theatre List 29/6 – Has it always been Janson?

It is hard to say anything on here that fails to sound repetitive. The Extraordinary X-Men title is very average, despite Nightcrawler making a return to prominence. DKIII is interesting in that Janson has an interesting effect on Kubert’s art. He almost makes it seem like Romita Jr which then begs the question is it really JRJR that makes it look JRJR or actually Janson! Anyway the title is quite banal and the insert comic is quite hideous which seems quite sacrilegious given it is Frank Miller. All the more sad. Black Panther did not make this list and I feel the need to review it to really explore why it is still very much trying to find it’s feet. Otherwise there really was not much out this week and the Rebirth titles seem to be on a break.

Marvel Codes

Black Panther #3 – FCMDWR7Z93KF


360901._SX312_QL80_TTD_Mockingbird #4 – FCMM3NV90VCL

This was another interesting issue with Hawkeye at the centre of an underwater rescue. Bobbi’s limits are firmly being tested and her willingness to push them makes the comic book. The self referential backdrop panels bring further depth to the story with great amusement.

360876._SX312_QL80_TTD_Steve Rogers Captain America #2 – THMYQ0VVS8VB

The issue was way to exposition heavy but I guess that was kind of the point of the book. It harks back to classic Red Skull and Cube encounters and is really believable in its conviction to the story, especially the rapport Skull has with Kobik. The explanation to the Hydra situation is well handled.

360921._SX312_QL80_TTD_the unbeatable Squirrel Girl #9 – FCMDQ7A5W701

I adore this title. The fact that Doreen is so empathetic with her adversaries brings wonderful aspects to their personalities and takes the plot in all kinds of directions. Moleman is hilarious and his professions of love for Squirrel Girl are amusing and of great consequence!


365702._SX312_QL80_TTD_East of West #27

Just wonderful. The message has contorted as it has come to life and all players around the table are under threat. The series has been building to this climax, especially the solo character issues, and it does not disappoint. It is time to strike, run away or make new allies and the political climate is changed forever more in style.

365707._SX312_QL80_TTD_empty zone #9

The deliciously evil artwork is wonderful to read. It is twisted and blurred throughout and makes for compelling reading and fearful anticipation. The villains appear horrid and ghastly but also seem quite tough to beat. This book is a thing of evil beauty.

IMG_20160706_074603Blood Tear #3
I wanted to promote this indy comic which is completely produced by Tom Coulter. It is a strange tale of the arcane and mythology but is drawn quite lovely. Tom’s art is improving by the issue and he has a great balance between realism and fantasy.


393724._SX312_QL80_TTD_Judge Dredd #7

I am not sure where this book is going and how it will all fit together. But the main problem being that Dredd’s wards are learning the wrong lessons whilst under his care is a difficult situation to handle. Seeing him try to do so is actually quite fascinating if not tragic.

365592._SX312_QL80_TTD_Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #1

My mind is always blown away and life seems amazing once again when I see Frank Quitely on a page. The panel where they send their child to convince a new super is so wonderful. It shows how powerful the little man’s landing is and how unaffected the supe in front is. It is such as sight to behold.

4 Kids Walk Into A Bank 002-000

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