Cover of the Week 10/8 – Wonder Woman #4 Frank Cho variant

Wonder Woman (2016-) 004-000b

I do believe the last time I discussed Frank Cho’s art was on an Original Sin Avengers cover. I avoid his work mainly because the cheesecake style is not to my taste and I find him more on the indulgent side. What cannot be denied is how aesthetic his line is. I always wondered what was meant by that phrase but a cover like above can explain it so vividly. The detail on this piece is just phenomenal, especially the accuracy and cleanliness of the parallel lines creating the texture on the sculpture. What is more pertinent are the shapes and symmetry of the piece, and how the perfectly equal the halves of the image are. I am unsure whether any technology is employed but if you look at Cho’s work in his actual comics, there is such wonderful balance throughout. This image is composed classically with Diana in warrior pose with the grandiose statue behind, signifying all that she fights for: Amazonians, peace and a regal leader. If you inspect more closely you will note that there is no rendering or shadowing but the impressive hair and togas are actually made of parallel lines. This is no better example than the feathers of the angels wings. Throughout Diana remains noble and superior in expression and posture and for a change, there is no sexualisation at all. It reminds us that when Cho isn’t drawing boobs and asses, his skills really shine through and he deserves accolades. Let us be fair, even when he is drawing cheesecake, it still looks pretty.

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