Cover of the Week 17/8 – Black Hammer #2 by Dean Ormston


This cover is reminiscent of the Iron Giant but with a strange twist on the relationship that is robot and child. In this case the giant represents the adversary and the child, salvation but to the city and not the machine. The use of size and perspective makes this a very impressive page as not only does the destructive force look incredibly large, towering over the skyline in the background, but the child looks defiant and larger in the foreground. This serves as a juxtaposition in size but also in opposing characters. The caped young girl is staring and prepared for the damage the laser projectile may produce, but her posture is resolute and fearless. She stands atop a building that is similar to those burning, as the red and orange smoke shrouds the lower half of the giant. It looks very distinct to the normal window-lit tower blocks that are nearer to the heroine. The robot itself is a beautiful construction with curves and concentric circles lining its body. It’s head is a simple recognisable shape often seen throughout all types of media, with razor sharp sawtooth jaws. But it is the eyebeams that are spectacular because not only do they demonstrate raw power but they shine up it’s chest and provide a wonderfully dramatic silhouette of its foe. Ormston has composed a stunning page using the most simplistic of tools available and is an example to all aspiring artists.

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