The Theatre List 10/8 – As we reach the end of the list…

…I want to thank you all for taking the time for reading these posts but this will be the last of its kind. Quite simply I have decided that I am no longer going to be collecting Marvel or DC monthly comics, except for those few creators I will see out till the very end. It has been a decision I have deliberated over for a number of weeks now as I struggled to find new comics to write about. That does not mean that there are less good books to read, it just means that I have written about so many writers and artists that I have fewer revelations to discuss with you. I shall give you an example: The Black Monday Murders was a wonderful comic but it is classically in Hickman style with historical events, an insidious undertone and wonderful world construction. Even the art is solid with a muted minimal colour palette which is quite iconic for his independent works. I see it as a failing in my ability to analyse and write that I cannot tell you any new reason why you should read this book. I have a section titled The Hickman Files on my homepage, that is how much time I have devoted to that man. I once spoke to Si Spurrier about expectations and how I could predict which books would be worth reading depending on the writer. He was disappointed that as a creator, he had lost the ability to surprise people. I didn’t tell him that he was one of the writers I would always have something to talk about but there are classic hallmarks of many writers and artists. And that does not mean that their quality is diminished or the work isn’t enjoyable but simply that I have nothing left to say.

It pains me to say that.

Though my inspirations may be less, they are still there and you only have to look at my recent reviews of Black Panther and The Vision to feel the love that I have for them. Those kinds of posts are what I live for, a time to indulge my own thoughts and relay them to you. That will NEVER end.

These thoughts first came to the forefront of my mind when I decided to research into the Rebirth reboot of DC. I actually returned to the original interviews with Dan Didio and Jim Lee in order to understand their intentions for the relaunch. What comes across as buzz words and taglines is impressively honest, but it is all washed away with flashy promotional material. Reading the comics that have been released has left me, on the whole disappointed. I plan to go into this in more detail when I write the actual post but it then made me think about the oncoming Marvel relaunches. At least DC recognised a problem and then made attempts to fix it, Marvel are simply rebooting and rebooting with no rhyme or reason. Actually that is a lie, there is a reason: people will buy new number ones. That degree of cynicism cannot ever be allowed to begrudge the creators working extremely hard to deliver a worthy product. I decided that I can no longer afford to keep buying books I enjoy less and less, especially when they are so superficial in their promotion. Crossovers, reboots and rehashed stories provide me with minimal stimulation and it is time I accepted that. So I made a decision. I am quite aware that part of this process involves my own development as a comic reader and it is a reflection in my change in tastes. Therefore I cannot provide the service of presenting to you the best books of the week because I will not be reading them. I shall be relying on those younger and enthused to tell me what I am missing and I will trade wait/switch to digital but I promise you that I will never stop writing about the books I enjoy. I have no intention of stopping creator owned titles and as much was they have their own contentious issues, they are still on the whole worth continuing. I actually cannot wait to save some money so I can spend it on original art and other classic graphic novels I have yet to read. But above all else, it will be Batman that I’ll miss the most…

Without further ado let us see which books made this week’s list!

Marvel Codes

Scarlet Witch #9 – FCM6DX4UVD9R

Old Man Logan #10 – THMR8X10B2P9


384464._SX312_QL80_TTD_Deathstroke #1

Bringing back an old friend as a villain is cliche writing 101 but seeing the subtle differences in Slade as a younger man compared to now was well handled. The art was well detailed with some lovely inking, especially during the letterbox pages.

384644._SX312_QL80_TTD_All Star Batman #1

This comic is interesting to say the least. The writing is as it has been for a long time, personal and verbose but the scenario change brings refreshment. There are a few unrealistic moments, and yes I am including the fist bump panel but JRJR’s art is really quite pretty. I still maintain this is due to a change in inker but the brighter colouring makes for a lovely change. What does displease me is that there was a second story with Shalvey and Bellaire which was relatively uninteresting but gorgeous looking. This means that Scott Snyder has one of the most iconic artists and one of the current best on one book, it is an indulgence of riches. Shaley and Bellaire deserve their own book, not paired on a title with JRJR. In any case this title is worth reading.


382323._SX312_QL80_TTD_Black Panther #5 – FCM93K50SNFH

Stelfreeze’s absence on this issue was duly noted. There were clearly some rendering changes which was why the change in artist was so noticeable despite Sprouse being quite talented. The story takes a turn towards villainy and an interesting game is underfoot for T’Challa. It is difficult to appreciate who is doing what and their motivations but this is quite deliberate.

382383._SX312_QL80_TTD_The Vision #10 – FCM6XW2I8ZFI

Check my review that was posted yesterday!



385205._SX312_QL80_TTD_The Black Monday Murders #1

See above. Exciting, interesting and dangerous as you would expect!

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