Cover of the Week 31/8 – Tokyo Ghost #10 variant by Dustin Nguyen


The watercolour territory of the comic world is very much owned by Dustin Nguyen. It is perhaps the nature of the style itself that lends to the soft and ethereal feel, but that would be taking credit away from Nguyen himself. This page is exemplary in the way it shows an almost mythological image of a female riding a giant deer. The colours purple, blue and white almost dance around one another, passing in and around one another in unison leaving dashes of colour. The absence of colour mark out the delicate frame of the warrior lady with weapons, and the majesty of the great beast. This is the only part where there is definition and reality. They perch upon a sharp rock peak that has its jagged edges marked with shade. There are darker blends of blue and purple in the absence of light. The backdrop is dreamlike and unearthly but almost at one with the natural world, and as the two main creature survey their surrounds. As they do they soak up the beauty of the skies above and the realm they rule. Another stunning piece of art from the incredibly talented Dustin Nguyen.

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