Cover of the Week 7/8 – Red One #3 by Terry & Rachel Dodson


Terry and Rachel Dodson have been producing comic artwork for many years now including some of the bigger Marvel titles. They have received plaudits and excellent sales for this, their creator owned work with Xavier Dorison. Their buxom and curvaceous female forms have combined with a Russian femme fatale figure to produce a spy comic with an intriguing twist. Vera is far from the likes of Natasha Romanov and deliberately antagonises conservative views on sex and liberalism. This complements the artwork of the Dodson’s perfectly and this cover is a great example of that. The red jumpsuit and retro goggles are not only sleek and pretty cool but the classic bike is draw in wonderful detail. It is the almost clunky appearance of the bike as many new designs focus on streamline shapes. This is a functional machine with all parts bare for the world to see, almost contrasting its rider. The colouring is delightful with the jumpsuit matching the background lettering but the bike more darker and burgundy. It provides a lovely separation to the overall composition. An attractive woman on a bike is well known lustful imagery but there is strength and dignity in the way Red One sits atop the vehicle. She owns her look and shows incredible comfort, which echoes her attitude throughout the comic.

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