Cover of the Week 14/9 – All Star Batman #2 by John Romita Jr, Danny Miki and Dean White


It is almost as if this cover was there to showcase the skill set of Danny Miki and Dean White because the close up view of Two-Face brings details and opportunities for inking and colour. It works so well as an overall image that you have to really examine it to notice the finesse, which is testament to their combined aesthetic. Take the right side of Harvey’s face and look at the colours that not only reflect the light but define the skin creases, it is a very subtle change in shade. The inked lines accompany this around the nose and orbits. As you peer across to his other half, it is like entering Mordor. The tiny cracks and crevices, delicately lines by pinks purples and reds, create a destructive volcanic landscape with the eye as the volcano. The lava trickles down his skin towards his mouth and slowly solidifies. The forehead acts as giants boulders almost ready to tumble downwards, ready for destruction. The hidden highlight is the Batman image reflecting through the giant reddened eyeball. Everyone knows Two-Face and his problems with anger and indecisiveness, and this image provides a wonderful physical example of his juxtaposed personality.

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