Cover of the Week 21/9 – Trinity #1 by Francis Manapul


Francis Manapul’s artwork can be described with a single word: Soothing. There is a ease and comfort that comes with looking at how seamless the three heroes converge and form a team. The lack of dark inking and wonderfully swaying colours aided by the lighting, sweep around you and invoke reassurance. The red, blue and green have a common colour from the sunlight behind Batman, that brings unity and a beautifully flowing cover. It lends to the image of God like heroism that is perpetrated commonly with these three characters. Francis Manapul has consistently been producing the most phenomenal looking books throughout the last few years. His ability to convey a story with colour is second to none. This page presents serenity in the face of adversity. There is a calmness to the expressions when the blade is clearly reflecting ominous threats ahead. Combine that with the team cohesiveness that the colours brings and there is no doubt in the heroes minds, or the readers, that these three individuals will overcome all odds together. That in itself is the most beautiful message.

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